How to clip in hair extensions

by Aashi Beauty Admin October 20, 2019

How to clip in hair extensions

How to clip in hair extensions with 10 wefts


Have you spotted a particular hairstyle suitable for an event, but, having short hair, you don't know how to get it? Let's see how to apply hair extensions depending on the type chosen.


For those who would like a long hair or a particular hairstyle while having short or not very thick hair, it must be kept in mind that it is possible to achieve all this with the help of extensions. It is an accessory to be applied to the hair that allows you to get a long-lasting and thick hair.


The salons and beauty centers offer different types of hair extensions: some made with real hair, while others based on synthetic fibers, such as keratin or adhesive strips. This is a process that can vary a lot, depending on the quality, the application and, of course, the price.


First of all, it is important to remember that good quality extensions do not damage the hair, as they are fixed and applied without the hair fiber being affected in any way.


Instead, it is advisable to avoid using extensions with poor quality materials or products that can damage your hair; for example, only certain types of adhesives are good.


It is advisable to choose a good quality of extension and prefer real hair, as they are better, although often more expensive, and give a natural effect to the hair. Once hair extensions have been applied, it is very important to take care of them by washing the hair with specific and delicate products in order to keep them clean and shiny. It is necessary to pay attention, then, to each lock, in order to prevent them from becoming tangled or knots forming.


Aashi Beauty hair extensions are high quality extensions that are easy to clip in your own hair and give you volume and a different look in just a few steps!

How to clip in your Aashi Beauty hair extensions

It’s super easy to clip in your Aashi Beauty hair extensions.

Draw a horizontal line. Draw a horizontal line with your fingers or a comb. You will apply the extensions near the line you have created, starting from a bottom line between your hair and in this way your natural hair will hide the attachment of the extensions.


Attach the lower part of the extensions under the thin lock of your hair. Grab and lift the lock of your hair, remove the strip covering the lower extensions and attach them to the lower part of your hair lock.


Repeat. Repeat the same procedure on the sides, until you have pasted all the extensions. The precise number of extensions you need depends on the thickness of your hair. Probably you will have to use about 5 file extensions, which depends on how much volume you want to add to the hair

Final touch

At the end you can volume your hair up simply passing your hands between your hair locks and you have it! Amazing beautiful hair for every occasion!

If you want to follow an easy video check this out and if you want to learn more about Aashi Beauty hair extensions check our website!


Aashi Beauty Admin
Aashi Beauty Admin

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