100% Pure Silk Sleep Mask

We believe sleep is the most important part of our day, we spend 1/3 of our whole lives sleeping - so why not do it right?

We designed the most luxurious silk sleep mask, handcrafted from 100% pure silk, ethically sourced & made in Canada. This best silk eye mask STAYS on at night & delivers anti-aging benefits.

Connect with your inner sexy angel during your bedtime routine. This collection helps your skin conserve its natural moisture, maintain your youth & provide you a luxury sleep.

The specifications!
-100% charmeuse silk sourced from India
-Product ethically soured, and hand made in Canada 
-Machine washable
-Hypoallergenic & breathable 
-Stays on your face
-Provides luxury sleep 
-Recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons & beauty experts 
-Delicate facial skin is more hydrated in the morning.

Come over to the cool side to & wake up feeling well rested, rejuvenated and ready to seize the day like the Aashi Angel (def: smiling angel) you are!

100% Silk Charmeuse

Made in Canada

Machine Wash/Dry



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