Vegan Makeup Brush Set

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Multi Functional
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in USA

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100% Synthetic: Cruelty Free & Vegan 

Why do you need a vegan makeup brush set by Aashi Beauty!

Before sliding into the benefits of vegan makeup brushes let’s understand what it is!

Vegan brushes are the makeup brushes that are also commonly referred to as synthetic brushes typically made of Taklon fibers, or Nylon. On the other hand, the other brushes that were made traditionally use the animal hair, most probably taken from squirrels, minks and horses. With the vision of a better world and with the protest against animal cruelty, synthetic brushes are easy to find.

Let’s ponder upon the five reasons why we should switch to a vegan and organic makeup brushes!

1. Say no to animal cruelty: Vegan products make sure that no animals were harmed or any of its ingredients is used in the production. There could be no better reason than not harming a defenseless and innocent animal for our personal motives.

2. Synthetic bristles have come a long way: The top-notch quality synthetic brushes are incredibly soft as the natural hair bristles. The significant growth in technology serves you with precisely what you want.

3. Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin: Say goodbye to sniffles, and watery eyes as the synthetic brushes help you to apply your makeup flawlessly and they are also less likely to harbor bacteria. You skin is completely safe with such product and without hesitation you can opt for it.

4. Clean up is a breeze: Its maintenance is effortless, and all you have to do is use a little shampoo to clean the bristles and lay it flat to air dry. The bristles of the synthetic brushes last long and keep your skin happy.

5. Easy to find: Synthetic brushes are almost everywhere now. If you want to grab the best vegan makeup brushesonline, then Aashi Beauty is the right place for you. Our special brown faux brushes are designed to work flawlessly with both creams and powders. They efficiently pick up the colour and deliver a smooth and even application. The other bonus point about our product is that they are odor and dye-free when washed. With our initiative to produce vegan beauty products, we envision an equal and better world for everyone. Contact us to know more about our products! Have a Happy Shopping!

Small All Over
Small Rounded Face 
Small Pointed Face 
Pointed Sculptur Face
Large Shadow
Large Rounded Face
Jumbo Flat Top Face
Jumbo Fan 
Duo Brow/Liner
Angle Sculptur
Jumbo Buffer Face
Eye Definer
Chubby Blender

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