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Silver Vegan Silk Pillowcase - Made in Canada (Queen Size)

100% Silk Charmeuse (Or Pure Vegan)

Made in Canada

Machine Wash/Dry



Buy our vegan silk pillowcases, in a variety of colours & made in Canada.

We believe sleep is the most important part of our day, we spend 1/3 of our whole lives sleeping - so why not do it right?

We designed the most luxurious pillows ethically sourced & handcrafted in Canada.

Connect with your inner sexy angel during your bedtime routine. This collection helps maintain your youth, conserve your hair styles, blocks frizz, reduces breakage & shields your face from bacteria.

What do you get:
 pillowcase case made in Canada, with reusable pouch.

The specifications! 
- satin polyester charmeuse blend ethically sourced & hand made in Canada
-Machine washable & dry-able 
-Hypoallergenic & breathable 
-Revitalizing for skin and hair. 
-Prevents wrinkles 
-Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
-Provides luxury sleep 
-Size; Queen Pillow case size 20"x28"
-Dust mite-resistant

Come over to the cool side to & wake up feeling well rested, rejuvenated and ready to seize the day like the Aashi Angel (def: smiling angel) you are!

  • Care Instructions
    Machine washable, and dryer on low setting
  • Pillowcase comes with pouch, suede gift box available separately. 


Based in Vancouver, Canada we love supporting local. We have ethically sourced out and created partnerships with local female entrepreneurs within. Each and every pillow is hand-made by a team of female seamstresses right here in our city.

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