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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Vegan Lipstick!

Veganism is an exclusion of clothes and other beauty products that comes at the expense of harming animals. Unfortunately, even today, some products are composed of animal by-products. Dive in to know why you should stick to veganism and how is it beneficial to you and the animals living around.

We owe a thank you to the latest technologies and better human mindset that vegan products are here to the rescue. These products have far more benefits that might surprise you. Let’s look at its 5 benefits below:

  1. Eliminates the demand for products that are produced through animal testing: One of the essential ways to stop animal cruelty and slaughter is to stop buying the products that give rise to this problem. Using products that incorporate animal by-products will elevate the demand, which further will prompt the slaughter and selfishly cruel treatment of more animals. Switching to vegan products will lower the demand.
  2. Vegan beauty products like vegan lipstick do not incorporate animal by-products: You might be shocked how some of the beauty products in the fancy stores are made. Some products which are not vegan are made up of dead insect extracts, as well as uric acid from cows. Using vegan products ensures that you are not coating your face with unconscious animal by-products.
  3. Vegan products are 100% cruelty-free: Vegans are determined to stop animal cruelty. One of its prominent aims is to prevent animal experimentation by not purchasing products that are derived from animal testing labs. However, vegan beauty products are 100% cruelty-free because no animals are harmed during the creation of the product.
  4. Vegan cosmetics are suitable for sensitive skin: Vegan cosmetics always prove to be a better option for the ones with sensitive skin. Vegan products incorporate non-harming and fewer ingredients. However, non-vegan products can cause a rash, acne, dry skin, and so on.
  5. Vegan cosmetic is better for the planet: Switching to veganism, you will not only be saving animals but also the planet earth. Vegan companies use recycled products for their packaging. This means that the products that would generally clog the landfills are instead used to create the packaging for the vegan beauty products.

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Made in the USA 



Breathless #106  (Neutral Nude)
Hibiscus #112  (Cool Neutral with Copper Undertones)
Precious Pink #222  (Sheer Baby Doll Pink)
Sweet Pea #228  (Frosted Mauve/Lavender)
Purely Plum #244 (Medium Toned Plum Berry)
Temptress #260  (Vibrant Maroon)
Radiant Rose #432 (Rose Pink with Coral Undertones)
Coral Kisses #618 (Warm Tangerine)
Red Wine #875  (Classic Red)

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