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1. Wide-Tooth Comb + Bubble Gum Parting Teasing Comb 

Product   Description 
Bubble Gum Parting Teasing Comb

Aashi Beauty Parting Teasing Comb

Comb with rat tail: This teasing comb is designed with long and thin stainless teel pintail, which is ideal for styling, parting & back combing

Suitable for sectioning & styling. This parting comb does is designed for all hair types. Leaves hair shiny and smooth!

Wide Tooth Comb

The ultimate detangling hair tool, known for the wide teeth that are designed so you can detangle your hair easily. The wide-tooth design will also help you avoid breakage that otherwise takes place when you use a regular comb. 

Also great for brushing out tighter curls, to give you more voluminous large curls