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1. Duo Teaser Hair Brush | 2. Claw Clips

Product   Description 
Duo Teaser Hair Brush

Aashi Beauty ultimate detangling hair brush.

Our latest creation that is designed to add extreme volume to your hair styles. 

Ideal for all hair types & lengths. This brush has two-tiered teeth to backcomb, with also adding height and texture with minimal damage and breakage.

Its unique teeth help compact the hair towards the root to add volume. Also great for brushing our curls achieve complex hair styles.

Claw Clips

Aashi Beauty Girly Pink Claw hair clips.

The ultimate accessory for all hair types, used in your daily routine with hair styling, or simply to keep your hair up.

Pretty in pink, these claw clips are great for multi-use; For gym-goers, and section clips, while styling hair.