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3 Ultimate Spring Hair Trends for 2022: Hailey Bieber Inspired Hair

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3 Ultimate Spring Hair Trends for 2022: Hailey Bieber Inspired Hair - Aashi Beauty

It’s time to make the transition from Winter to Spring. So let’s get you a head start on what is in!  We’ll talk about Spring 2022’s hair, skincare and clothing trends that you would want to know about.

  • Teddy Brunette is IN!

Coming from the cold winter months filled with gloom and darkness, spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming and the sun is peeking more and more every day. Usually, when the weather switches to spring and summer, we have this need to change up our hair and go a little lighter. Why? Because why not!

When it comes to hair, you would probably want a less stressful change. The hair color that will pop off this spring is dark brown hair with some baby lights! A stylist at Kerastase said that this color will dominate this Spring 2022.

A change that will require less maintenance but would give you more dimensions with those baby lights.

Hailey Bieber dominates this teddy brunette hair trend this season. 

source: IG @haileybieber

  •  Silk Scarves for your hair

This is such a trendy way to style your hair. Have you ever experienced the strong cold breeze during spring? As amazing as it is, when you have long hair you’ll probably get smacked in the face more often than usual. This will help tame your hair when the wind decides to come your way. Super chic and stunning to rock on a breezy spring day. 

Check out this link for purchasing 12 trendy silk scarves for your hair this spring! 

  •   Braided Money Pieces

We’ve seen this hair look worn on the most casual days or even on the red carpet. What do we think? We think this will be a cute spring hairstyle to switch up your look. Essentially, you take the front pieces of hair that frame your face and braid them. Super easy!

    Spring Hair Trends calls for a great hair too. 

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