About Us

Who owns Aashi Beauty?

Aashi Beauty believes the simplicity of beauty, we design products for the everyday women, for YOU.

"Hair extensions have always fascinated me, especially during my prom. I did a bob cut for a hair show, the bob cut was not cool anymore, and I wanted to change to an impressive princess look. I tried styling my short natural hair but in vain. So I began researching the market for a fabulous hair look that I could rock from time to time.
I wanted classy and affordable extensions. However, I was very disappointed, since extensions were either costly or of low quality. The disappointment pushed me to research while testing different companies." 
The research aimed to come up with tactics to offer high-grade human hair extensions. At that time Aashi Beauty brand was born. Aashi beauty provides a unique, affordable hair extensions. The hair extensions are 100% Indian Remy, are thick and durable. This means you can rock your short hair day to day and still have a stunning princess look whenever you want to. Our commitment is to help you get the best human hair extension to make you look lovely and fabulous.
We aren't just stopping at hair! At Aashi beauty we are all concerned about you, and our products are designed to make you look fantastic every day!
 At Aashi Beauty, we also have an innovative hairstyling product of intense research. The device has high-quality value and affordable. Necessary for enhancing the look for an everyday girl, as well as salons.


More about our Founder..

Our founder was born into a Sikh family of entrepreneurs. Being the youngest, she always felt like she had something to prove and wanted to get out of her sister's shadows as they all had started their own businesses. After working with her older sister on her start-up, she decided to start a company of her own. Having experienced her own hair fiascos she wanted to create hair products, source the best quality extensions and help spark your inner feminine with the colours used. She went on to create a business that she was extremely passionate about, allowing her to express herself and help everyday girls to achieve the best-styled hair possible by creating innovative hair tools. And through all of this, Aashi Beauty was created. Our founder is very passionate about animals and pets and donates from every sale to Animal Rescue organizations. 


Here at Aashi Beauty, we believe in giving back and with every  we'll donate $1.00 (USD) to help support Animal Rescue (at no cost to you).


The word Aashi originates from India and it means to smile. Our brand centers around this which is why we endeavour to satisfy our customers as their smile is our reward.

We strive to bring the best products to the market to ensure our clients are happy with their purchases.