Remy human hair is the highest grade of human hair where the hair strands have been thoroughly collected and sorted to ensure that the cuticles are all in the same direction. This sorting process ensures that the hair does not get tangled and gives the most natural look. The smooth tangle-free finish is very important and can be tested simply by running your hair through your extensions, unlike non-Remy extensions.  

Currently, the clip-in method is the most popular among women due to the certain reasons. They are easy and quick to apply, they can be installed and removed anytime, they do not slip off your hair and provide confidence with the fit regardless of your extensions’ weight. 

The tape-in application is a more permanent solution for those who want to add extra inches to the current length. It's a safe method of attachment, but only if extensions are applied correctly. 

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It’s essential you opt for a set that matches your hair type. Our hair extension is specifically designed with quality in mind to cater for adding length and natural volume to your hair. Our sets include 10 wefts in each range and have 18”, 20” 22” in each range. You can check them here.

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Email us a back shot of your hair in natural light from 2 feet away! 

All of our beauty products are natural, organic, vegan cruelty free made in the USA.