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Are tape-in hair extensions for me?

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Are tape-in hair extensions for me? - Aashi Beauty

Are tape-in hair extensions for me?

Opting from a variety of available tape in hair extension can be frustrating and might lead you to chose the wrong one. Then what's the secret? There are a few factors and pros-cons one should recognize before purchasing these, to accomplish that coveted voluminous and irresistible hair look.


One can be exultant and satiated if a professional applies and removes these hair extensions. Otherwise, one might permanently damage their hair roots and never grow hair again in the affected region.

What are tape-in hair extensions made of?

Formed of  Remy hair or synthetic hair, these tape-ins require the same amount of love and care as your real hair demands. We sell 100% virgin cuticle attached Remy human hair because it is most favored as it renders a natural appearance and feels.


Remy's hair is the best classification of hair extensions as an individual's hair is collected from the scalp where the cuticle is maintained, pointing in the same direction as the hairs next to it. It makes Remy's hair more manageable and less tangible. The hair appears lustrous, satiny, and smoother. Knotting is minimal, and you acquire a look that will set your heart on.


 Since every individual is unique, so are their hair and its needs. And we have tape-in extensions for all types. Double drawn hair is thicker from root to tip and provides a more voluminous look while natural drawn is recommended for thin hair types and furnishes a more natural look.

How to take care of your tape-in extensions?

  1. Protecting the roots -Though tape-in extensions can be played with hot styling tools like the normal hair, it's favored to refrain from applying heat near the root or bonds. It will prevent the tape-ins adhesive meltdown.


  1. Type of shampoos -The adhesive should be kept as dry as possible, and hence, washing near the roots is a big no. Dry shampoos are recommended. Products consisting of oil or conditioners should be eschewed since it weakens adhesive, causing the extensions to slip or come loose.


  1. Brushing - Brush the extensions regularly to avoid knotting. A special type of brush called the Loop extension brush has been designed to assure it will slide through your soft silky natural hair.


 The direction of brushing should be kept from root to hair end tips. When your hair is wet, it is weak, vulnerable, and more likely to break, hence avoid brushing.

Do tape-in hair extensions causes damage?

If applied correctly by the professionals, tape-ins provide you a natural craved fuller look. But if not, then it might damage the roots and cause breakage.


 Keep your scalp hydrated after their removal as alcohol or acetone might be used while the professional remove them.

How many packs do I need?

Tape-ins are regarded as ‘semi-permanent’ extensions and can survive from 4-8 weeks if they are suitably cared for. You can buy tape-ins according to your requirements and achieve your personalized fantasy look.


 If you require just some strands or thin hair, then 1-2 packs are recommended, for medium to thick hair 2-3 packs and for and thick hair 3+ packs are recommended.

Each pack we sell comes with 50 grams of hair, 20 pieces, and ten sandwiches.


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