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You’re young, energetic, and conquering your way through life. But there’s something about your hair that makes you look old. A wrong hairstyle, bad color, or length can greatly impact your hair. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that people make which make them look older than their real age.


No, Rapunzel


Although long hair can look great on many people, if it is too long it may not. Stylists say that once your hair passes your ribs, it can make you officially look older. Regular trimming is an easy way to make you look more youthful. According to Celebrity stylist Mitch Stone suggests going for a timeless long bob or a look that goes 1 or 2 inches below your chin.


Dark hair

Dyeing your hair a shade too dark can bring more emphasis to the lines and dark spots that you don’t want to grab attention. They say framing your face with a warmer shade can brighten up the way you look, which will further hide the signs of aging.


Many stylists suggest that you strategically place your highlights on the top of your head and layer them with lowlights underneath. This will help you quickly achieve a fuller voluminous look.

Give styling a break

Too much styling can make our hair look flat and dull. Lifeless and bleak hair draws more attention to your face. This is a common occurrence if you are subjecting your hair to a lot of heat. Using flat irons very frequently inflicts major damage to your hair, which makes the strands look very older and dull.


Rather than using heat, you can opt for velcro rollers or braids to create natural-looking volume. Instead of subjecting your hair to harsh chemicals or heat you can also use hair extensions to add dimension to your hair. These products make your hair look bouncy and thick, and thus, give you a younger look.


Wrong hair parting

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A lot of people have parted their hair in the wrong place all these years. This common mistake makes you look a lot older than you actually are. If you part your hair at an area that is slightly off-center, it makes your appearance change drastically. Middle hair parting makes you look a little more mature, while opting for a side part makes you look better and younger.

Over-bleaching your hair

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Your colored hair may have served you well for years but keeping your hair bleached for a long time may be a big mistake as you age. Our body goes through several changes as we get older. Our complexion loses the radiant shine that it has in the earlier years and light, faded hair may make you look very old.


However, that doesn’t mean that you need to completely put an end to colored extensions. Opt-in for warmer shades like honey and caramel and increase the focus around your face. You can opt for hair extensions and create a soft gradual layered look.


If you feel that you’ve been making these mistakes, it’s time to make changes accordingly. We get so used to our hair that we may forget that as we grow old, our body requires special attention and so does our hair. It’s never too late to opt-in for a more youthful look.