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How to dry your hair like a pro

Posted by Aashi Beauty Admin on
How to dry your hair like a pro - Aashi Beauty

How to dry your hair like a pro


Whether you have curly hair, wavy or smooth, knowing how to make the smooth crease with a brush and hair dryer is essential to have a hair in order to need! The plate surely gives a smooth spaghetti effect in a few minutes but it ruins the hair and sometimes the effect appears too artificial.


So today I want to show you how to straighten your hair with a brush and hair dryer. It may seem difficult for those who have never done it, but in reality it is very simple and this type of fold will allow you to have your hair sorted until the next shampoo!


In fact, you will discover that once you have learned this technique, you can do without the plate, and reserve it only for special occasions if you adore the "smooth spaghetti" effect. In fact, since I learned this technique, I really don't like the plate anymore!


Moreover, between the simple drying and the styling in the hair there is an abysmal difference: with the smooth styling the hair will appear much more beautiful, soft and shiny. Seeing is believing!


Now we are going to share with you. step by step, how to make the smooth fold with a brush and hair dryer. And remember: this technique is perfect for all types of hair: smooth, wavy or curly. Of course, those who have straight hair will be able to use this technique to have a tidier look, as if they were out of the hair salon, but those with curly or curly hair will change their look in an instant!


What do you need to dry your hair like a pro recreating  a saloon effect in the comfort of your own home? Here is what you need:

1. A powerful hair dryer When we go to the hairdresser we see that they use professional and very powerful hair dryers. Unfortunately, one of the secrets is this! To create a nice fold it is essential to have a hair dryer that has enough power to give you a nice result, otherwise you will only lose time and effort. Surely, you can apply this technique even with a less professional hair dryer, but you will see that the result will not be the same. A great choice is this hair dryer by Dyson: it’s not the cheapest option to be honest but you will have wonderful hair in a few minutes and it makes no harm to your sensitive already damaged hair! 2. A round brush The brush is the second essential accessory. It is very important that it is round and has a fairly large diameter. You can choose a bamboo brush or something like a Teezer Tangle. Your choise! 3. A hair clip Of course you can never miss the classic hair clip that allows you to divide them into sections and have a flawless result. If you have very curly or wavy hair, we advise you to always take small locks, in order to get a better result!


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