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How to use a ponytail clip-on hair extension

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How to use a ponytail clip-on hair extension - Aashi Beauty

How to use a ponytail clip-on hair extension

What is a Ponytail Clip-on Extension?

Ponytail clip-in hair extensions have been exclusively designed to add length/volume to a regular ponytail, instantly.




A ponytail clip-on hair extension is one of the simplest & fastest ways to get all your ponytail issues sorted. Say hello to that voluminous ponytail hairstyle with these extensions!



Perks of Using a Ponytail Hair Extension:

  1. Transform the look of your second/third-day hair in a snap: Now, we all know that second/third-day hair tends to look greasy and unflattering. You can change that in a snap. Add an extension and you’re good to go!
  2. Say hello to a longer, bouncier & fuller ponytail: All of us love a longer & bouncier ponytail. Such ponytails compliment every outfit, don’t they? You can now achieve the look you wished for with just a clip-in.
  3. Flaunt your thin to thick transition: Welcome that extra oomph you always wanted in your hair.
  4. An up-style that ups your style game: These ponytail hair extensions make any hairdo appear more attractive and beautiful. You can also add a pop of colour to your hair for a change. The list of ponytail hairstyle options is endless!

How to Nail Your Ponytail With Clip-on Extensions:

Step 1: Pull Pour Hair up Into a Ponytail.

Detangle and comb your own hair into a high ponytail. Let it sit at the crown of your head. Place it higher than you usually do & secure with a hair tie.




Step 2: Brush the Ponytail Clip-on Extension:

Use a wide-toothed comb/ paddle brush to gently remove any tangles and keep it ready.



Step 3: Secure the Clip-on Ponytail Extension:

Slowly wrap the velcro base around your high ponytail while sliding the comb underneath your hair. Place it tight and right.




Step 4: Conceal the Base of Your Ponytail:

Wrap a few strands of your hair around the base of your ponytail. Use bobby pins as needed.




Step 5: Shake it, Twirl it, Flaunt it:

Simple, chic, and elegant - Can a ponytail hairstyle get any better? ;)




Aashi Beauty’s Clip-on Ponytail Extensions:

Clip-on Wrap Ponytail Extension- 100G-20”-200G:

  • These extensions are designed with your needs in mind!
  • They add fullness and length to your natural hair while preserving its original look and lustre. Give the much-needed oomph to your hair for a fascinating transformation.
  • Made with 100% natural, ethically sourced hair and a lot of love. They blend seamlessly into your hair locks.
  • They can also be heat styled.



  • Weight: 100g/3.53oz
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Style: Wrap
  • Type: Human hair
  • Source: Ethically sourced, 100% Indian


Options to choose from:

Ranging from Jet black to Ash-blonde, Aashi Beauty’s Ponytail hair extensions come in a wide range of hair colours. Whatever your hair colour, you can rely on Aashi Beauty for your needs. All you need to do is to head over to the website, make your pick, and place an order.














Pricing & Shipping:

  • Priced at Rs.7518 (Available at a 16% discount), Aashi Beauty’s customer-friendly products and their affordable pricing will not leave a hole in your pocket while you satiate your style cravings.
  • Ordered the wrong shade? Changed your mind? No worries! Aashi Beauty has got your back! With an easy 60-day exchange and return policy, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Free shipping for bills over $99*
  • 24x7 Customer support is yet another promising feature!
  • Visit right away!

Return & exchange policy

Team Aashi Beauty offers a return policy on unopened and unused hair extensions within 30 days from the date of delivery. Kindly use the guide below for more details:

About Aashi Beauty:

Aashi Beauty stands for versatility, affordability & quality. They take pride in their innovative style ideas & vegan cosmetics! The team of Aashi beauty has worked their way up the ladder owing to their experimental and innovative thoughts. They found that classy hair extensions were either too costly or low quality. This disappointment inspired the team to research the different options available. Eventually, they came with  Aashi Beauty’s Hair extensions by prioritizing quality, affordability & versatility.



From Katherine Hepburn to Ariane Grande, there isn’t a single celebrity who hasn’t tied their hair into a lovely ponytail hairstyle! Easy to do, looks elegant and works best for those long workdays. Squeeze 5 minutes of your day to sport this look with the Ponytail clip-in extensions for a chic & lovely looking hair. This hairdo suits any occasion, be it a day in the office, a party, or a girl’s night out. Don’t miss any chance to make a great impression!

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