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Reason to have a Beauty Skin Routine

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Reason to have a Beauty Skin Routine - Aashi Beauty

Why you should have a beauty skin routine

In daily beauty routine, facial cleansing is the first, fundamental step to take care of the skin and keep it young, bright and healthy. In fact, cleansing is essential to free the skin of impurities and to prepare it for subsequent treatments: only on clean, toned skin that is free of dead cells, the active ingredients contained in the creams can penetrate deeply and perform the best their moisturizing, nourishing or anti-wrinkle action.


But what is the correct way to proceed?

First of all it is necessary to keep in mind that facial cleansing is the real "base" on which the effectiveness of all other treatments depends: it is therefore very important never to skip this operation, performing it regularly twice a day, morning and evening. The skin, in fact, must be cleaned both at the time of morning awakening and before going to bed: these are two very delicate phases that play a "strategic" role in the daily care of the face.

In the morning, cleansing serves to "awaken" the skin and eliminate sebum, dead cells and night cream residues: the morning cleansing also gives the skin all the freshness and energy it needs to face at best a new day. In addition, cleaning the face with a good detergent is used to "cuddle" and soften the epidermis, facilitating the absorption of the moisturizer. For this purpose, a simple rinsing with water is not enough: it is essential to use a detergent suitable for your skin type to be massaged on the face and neck with delicate circular movements and then rinsed.

In the evening, this operation becomes even more precious to restore brightness and comfort to the face. During the day, in fact, dust, dirt, smog and other pollutants are deposited on our skin: mixed with make-up residues, these impurities form a film that clogs the pores and makes your epidermis opaque giving it a dull complexion and highlighting wrinkles, discoloration and imperfections.

The night cleaning routine, therefore, must be scrupulous and profound to remove the make-up and the irritating substances that have deposited on the skin: in this way it is possible to offer the face a great variety of benefits. After cleansing, in fact, the skin is free to breathe: greater oxygenation makes it immediately softer, brighter and more uniform. The removal of dead cells reduces small wrinkles giving the skin a more youthful and firm appearance. Furthermore, cleansing has the important advantage of purifying the skin in depth, preventing the appearance of irritation and inflammation.

Cleaning the skin before going to bed also allows better assimilation of the night cream, increasing its effectiveness. Applying a nourishing or anti-wrinkle product on untreated skin, in fact, can be not only useless but even harmful: clogged with dirt and dead cells, the pores cannot absorb the cream that remains on the surface layer of the skin, mixing with other impurities and making the face dull and greasy. When the face is perfectly clean, on the other hand, even the richest and thickest cream is quickly absorbed, conveying its active ingredients in depth and giving a soft, silky and visibly younger skin to waking up.

So what to use?
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