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What is the difference between clip-in and tape-in hair extensions?

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What is the difference between clip-in and tape-in hair extensions? - Aashi Beauty
Hair extensions have been a craze for many years now. And they only continue to grow in popularity due to the ability it has to transform your hair either temporarily or semi-permanently. Especially if you're someone that likes to change your hair often, extensions are a game changer! Whether you have long or short hair, thin or thick, or dyed hair, extensions are available in a wide variety of options to suit your hair needs. 


Fun fact - did you know that hair extensions have been around since the Ancient Egyptian era? It’s said that Cleopatra used to wear extensions to add more length and volume to her hair. How cool is it that this dates back to 3400 BC? I wonder what type of extensions she used to wear...


There are 6 different types of hair extensions which are clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, microbeads, fusion bonds, and hairpieces. Today, we’re going to focus on the two most popular types, clip-ins and tape-in extensions. Keep reading to learn the difference between these two, the pros and cons, and how to determine which one is the best option for you. 


Clip-in hair extensions

This style of extension is ideal for those that want an affordable, and temporary solution for adding length and volume to their hair. Additionally, with clip-ins, there is no long-term commitment and very minimal hair damage. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to use and install on yourself, after a little practice of course! As the name tells you, this style of extension is clipped into your hair, at the roots. Clip-ins are the fastest way to transform your hair allowing you to have more freedom with how and when you want to wear them, and what colours or lengths you choose to use!


The Aashi Beauty clip-in hair extensions come with 10 wefts with varying widths allowing you to truly customize how much you want to wear. You can wear all 10 pieces or 5-8 pieces depending on how full you want your hair to be! 


Aashi Beauthy Clip in hair extensions - 10 piece set with 10 wefts Aashi Beauty clip-in extensions - 10 wefts per set!


  • Self-installation 
  • Temporary and removable 
  • The most cost-effective way to add length and volume to your hair 
  • Minimal damage to your hair 
  • Easy to wash and maintain 
  • Can apply heat to style (always use heat protection) 
  • Easy to blend in with your natural hair 
  • Made from 100% Indian Remy Hair

  • Can fall out or be visible if not clipped in properly 
  • Can be irritating if not clipped in properly 
  • Must be removed when sleeping, showering or swimming 
  • If you have lots of layers or a specific haircut style, it can be challenging to blend in the clip-ins seamlessly 
  • Can be tricky to wear for ponytails and hair buns


Model wearing clip in hair extensions, Before and afters. Model is wearing Bronde 18"Model is wearing 18" clip-in extensions in the shade Bronde.


Tape-in hair extensions 

This style of extension is newer compared to the clip-ins but has quickly gained popularity among thousands of females as it’s a great semi-permanent option for adding length and volume to the hair. As the name suggests, this type of extension is tapped into your hair. Each weft has tape on the top that is installed into your hair at the roots.  


Tape-ins are invisible to the naked eye, thin and flexible allowing you to wear them without the fear of them showing. This option can be a little more costly depending on how many packs of tape-ins you need, how thick or thin your hair is, and it must be installed by a professional. Despite those facts, many say they prefer tape-ins as it’s a semi-permanent solution to having beautiful long hair, every day! 


Tape in hair extensions being installed into hair by a professional hair stylistProfessional hair stylist installing tape in extensions 

  • Lasts 6-9 weeks and the Aashi Beauty tape-ins have a life span of 1 year
  • Thin 1” individual wefts that are pre-taped with adhesive 
  • The finish is seamless and looks like your natural hair 
  • You can wear your hair in various styles including low or high ponytails, hair buns and more
  • You can wash and style them as you would with your hair 
  • Made from 100% Indian Remy Hair

  • Must be installed by a professional 
  • Can damage your hair
  • If you have an oily scalp, it could cause the tape to slip and loosen faster. (Consult with your hairdresser before making the purchase).
  • Excessive sweating can cause the glue to loosen 
  • You may need a special type of shampoo and conditioner/hair care products to ensure the tape is not affected

Tape in hair extensions in shade golden honey blondeTape in hair extensions in the shade Golden Honey Brown


Which one do you choose?

Now that we’ve compared the differences between the clip-ins and tape-ins, let’s figure out which style of extension is the most suitable for you. 


Both of these styles are great in their own ways. They will provide you with added length and volume. However, when making this discussion it’s important to consider your lifestyle, budget, how often you want to wear extensions, and ultimately - which one would be more convenient for you. 


If you are someone that finds themselves wanting length or volume when going out, attending a celebration or just because the clip-ins may be a better option. Why? Well, you simply clip them in when you want to wear them, and unclip them when you’re done. This way, you can go about your day-to-day life with your current hair, and only put them in when you needed.


If you are someone that constantly wears clip-ins, got a bad haircut, or always has a desire to add length and volume then tape-ins may be a better option for you. Once installed, the tape-ins will last anywhere from 3-9 weeks! The best part? You take care of them, as you would with your natural hair, and style them in whichever way you prefer. 


Another thing to consider when choosing between clip-ins and tape-ins is your budget. As mentioned above, clip-ins are a more affordable option for a quick temporary fix. And, tape-ins can be more costly as you will need to see a hairdresser for installation and may need more than 1 pack depending on the thickness or thinness of your hair. 

Overall, hair extensions are the best way to transform your hair easily! Whether you want to add length or volume temporarily or semi-permanently extensions are a great alternative rather than waiting for your hair to grow longer. Both clip-ins and tape-ins have their pros and cons, however, they are great solutions with minimal damage. At the end of the day, hair is meant to be fun and allows you to showcase your personality! So, have fun with it and make your hair dreams come true. 

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PS - if you need assistance with a colour match, feel free to DM or email us! 

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