For our titanium flat iron, as well as our interchangeable curling tool we use titanium.  

There are several reasons we chose Titanium over the traditional method of using ceramics. Titanium has a good heat conductivity and has little temperature variation, making it to be less prone to heat damage. It is believed to be the best type of flat iron to use because of these properties. However, some professionals believe that titanium transfers heat better and gets hotter making it to have a potential for hair damage. Due to this, we suggest that you decide what’s better for your hair and use the best product.

Yes all of our styling tools come with an LED screen.

Yes. Do you ever have the moment where you cant remember if you turned your styling tools off? Not to worry all of our tools will atomically shut after 45 minutes. This feature can be adjusted.

- Led Screen 

- Power swivel cord

- Velcro and UL plugs

- Dual Voltage

- Ion complex

- Radiates inferred heath therapy

- Negative ion technology

- Auto off feature

All styling tools come with a 2 year warranty, for more information please check the link here.

This curling wand different sizes are 32mm, 25mm, 19-32 (in wand) and also caters for lovers of clip irons with the size 32mm. 

1.25” (32mm) Clip iron - full glamour curls, uniform polished curls

1.25” 32mm wand - soft loose waves. Beach waves, volume with blend
1” 25mm wand relaxed undone waves, uniform spiral waves
Tampered 1.25-0.75” (19-32mm) relaxed, tousled waves, textured waves and curls

You would file a warranty claim, in which you would do so here.