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5 Ways to Care for your Hair while Sleeping

Posted by Aashi Beauty Admin on
5 Ways to Care for your Hair while Sleeping - Aashi Beauty

If you think the only way you can damage your hair is by dyeing it or with hot tools, think again! Hair can be severely damaged while you sleep if it’s not cared for properly. I know, when going to sleep, the last thing you may think about is your hair, but it’s very important you do! If you want to grow, nourish and maintain healthy hair, it’s important to be mindful of how you’re treating it when sleeping. Keep reading to learn 5 tips you can now incorporate into your nighttime routine.

1. Sleep with your hair tied

Ditch the tight bun and ponytail when going to sleep, instead, put your hair into a braid! Doing this will save your hair ends from excessive breakage that could be caused by the friction of your hair rubbing against the pillow. You could do the traditional 3 strain braid, a dutch braid, a french braid or a fishtail braid. Honestly, the braid options are endless, so get creative with it and have fun! Now you can wake up with beautiful wavy hair and no headache or scalp strains! 

Female going to sleep with braid in hair


2. Don’t go to sleep with wet hair

Our hair is most vulnerable to breakage and damage when it’s wet. As the hair follicles are at it’s weakest. If you are in a rush and want to style your hair while drying it, try the Aashi Beauty Beyond Blowout Brush! Our Blowout Brush will dry and style your hair in one go, allowing you to get a beautiful blowout hairstyle, in no time! The key thing here is to ensure your hair is dry before going to sleep. 

female has wet hair and it should be dried before going to sleep


3. Leave an overnight treatment in your hair 

If you are someone that cares for your skin, I'm sure you have a nighttime skincare routine. Why? Well because our skin needs love and using specific types of products at night time helps to repair, nourish and treat our skin. Similarly, our hair needs love too! And doing overnight treatments are the easiest way to ensure your hair is getting the love and care it needs to grow, repair and be nourished. You can use an overnight nourishing treatment to help hydrate and repair your scalp. Or an overnight mask to repair and treat your hair. The options are endless when it comes to overnight treatments, but be sure to choose one that will suit your hair needs!
Female using a leave an over night treatment in hair


4. Apply dry shampoo before going to sleep

If you need to refresh your hair but don’t have time to wash it, apply a dry shampoo before going to sleep! Why? Well, applying it before going to sleep will allow the shampoo to absorb into your hair and soak up all the accumulated moisture and oils. Now you can wake up to refreshed hair and style it for the day!

Women using a dry shampoo before going to sleep


5. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a game-changer! Typically, cotton pillowcases can be tougher for your hair as the rougher texture can damage your hair. Silk on the other hand is a smoother texture allowing your hair to retain its moisture. Plus, the silk material will help to decrease frizz, help prevent wrinkles and feels so luxurious to sleep on. PS - at Aashi Beauty we are proud to offer 100% pure silk and vegan silk pillowcases. Our materials are ethically sourced and made in Canada by a team of women seamstresses that lost their business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

100% pure silk pillowcases made by Aashi BeautyAashi Beauty 100% pure silk pillowcases 


Hair can be severely damaged while sleeping and not just from dyeing it and using hot tools. It's important to be mindful of how you're treating your hair when going to sleep. If you didn't have a night time hair routine, now is a great time to start one, and you can incorporate a few of the tips we've mentioned above! 

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