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Curling Clamp Iron & Curling Wand - What is the difference?

Posted by Aashi Beauty Admin on
Curling Clamp Iron & Curling Wand - What is the difference? - Aashi Beauty

Curling iron vs. Curling wand: Finding the right tool to style your hair

If you have medium and long hair and always like your head a bit of movement, definitely use a curling iron at least once! Today we are going to talk about two amazing tools to style your hair a curling iron and a curling wand exploring their differences, results and what’s the best choice for you.

What features does a curling iron have?

This type of iron has very specific characteristics and, regardless of its size and its diameter, has an element that distinguishes them from all others: a kind of 'clip', a metal bar that lifts and closes, allowing the hair to anchor perfectly to the iron. This lever also allows you not to have to hold the strand of hair that you want to work with the other hand, because it will manage to hold the portion of hair on its own.

How to use it?

Usually this type of iron is held with the hand leaving its base down, so also the end with the electric cable. In a nutshell, it is used vertically in this way and can be rolled either clockwise or counterclockwise.

What effect does it provide?

Depending on the diameter, the effect on the hair changes. If you choose a very narrow type of iron, you will get very defined and tight curls; if instead one chooses a larger one, it will have ringlets or softer waves, but always rather defined.

Surely you have heard it said in some tutorials, or maybe you have read it around: 'curling wand', or a bar that curls your hair and that at first you could be confused with the classic iron, the one we saw little does.

In reality, this tool is quite different!

What is a curling wand?

The hair curling wands have the body free from any "stick". They can be in tourmaline, steel or ceramic like the most classic irons, but in any case they have no other pieces around. In short, they are just simple bars.

How to use it?

Unlike the first instrument we have seen, this type of iron is used keeping its part that is attached to the electric cable up high. On your head, in short, you will have to take each lock striving a little more with your arms, and also using your other hand to hold the various portions of hair.

What effect does it provide?

The effect you get with this bar is that of a more natural and saucy wave, the one that the Americans call "loose". In short, not a definite and round mouth, a perfect spiral, but a very elongated S!

To accentuate this effect, you must hold the ends of the various strands that you are going to wrap on the bar with two fingers, so as to 'pull' the portions of hair a little and make it lose that slight initial definition, even when you move it away from the heat!

In this way you can have wavy but not hairy or romantic hair, but rather a dynamic and super trendy head, even with shorter hair!


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