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Terms of Use

Kindly Read through the Following Information before Using This Platform.

Aashi Beauty "Terms of Use" is applicable to the use of this website and it governs any product purchased from it. In the context of this website, "our", "we" and “us” mean Aashi Beauty while "you", and "your" means the user of this website or our clients. Please don't use this website if you don't agree with any of these terms. If you continue to use this website it means you agree with these terms and you give consent to our privacy policy.

General Information
The information provided on this site is for informational purposes and not to be used as the sole reasons to make certain decisions without doing your own research. Relying solely on the information here is at your own risk.
We have the right to modify the information on this site at regular intervals and it’s your duty to be updated by checking the site for any changes we make.

We do not take any form of abuse. We have the right to refuse service, if you have abused any staff. 

Products or Services
Some of our products have limited quantities and can be purchased exclusively through our websites. This also means we have the right to limit the sales of our products or service to any person for any reason or any geographical location as the case may be. These products can also be returned if there is an issue according to our return policy. All products return policy differs. Please refer to our policy. Returns are not granted on used or open products, or orders excluding the 30 day policy. If product is deemed faulty we will replace. ( Warranty claims must be filed online including video describing the issue)


Hair Extensions 

We do NOT offer any return on used hair extensions, nor replacement sets. There is no warranty on hair extensions. 

Absolutely NO refund for opened hair extensions. 

General knowledge with hair extensions - just like our own hair, there is always minimal hair shedding. Therefore we always give more hair in each package vs the amount we advertise. We recommend using tourmaline or ceramic material styling tools and on a low temperature setting 110 degrees F - there may be initial shedding upon styling, this could be the coating used to clean/fumigate the hair extensions, after first few times styling, and after your initial wash this should subside.

Grace period, 
If customer believes they have received a faulty/defective hair set (within 72 hour of receiving package) , they are held responsible to mail back product, Aashi beauty would be responsible to test product, If product is "deemed to be faulty/defective" Aashi Beauty would replace product. No refunds are provided. 

Please note that prices of our products and services are subjected to change at any time without prior notice or with a short notice and we also have the right to stop the production of certain products at any time.

Also, it is your responsibility as a buyer to provide correct shipping address. At Aashi Beauty, we try our best to be efficient with our delivery so there may not be enough time gaps for order cancellation or modification. However, if you decide to make changes to your order, kindly contact us at In situations that it is too late to effect the changes or cancellation, you can return the order to us when it is delivered. Kindly check our Return Policy (link here) for more information.

Changes to Products and Prices
As much as we can, we do our best to ensure the content on this website are well detailed and accurate. In situations that we find any inaccuracy or inconsistency on this site, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.
The prices you see on each product are tax exclusive and we can make changes to any price and other information on this website without prior notice.

Promotion Codes
Kindly note, our promotion codes cannot be used in exchange for cash. Also, they are not transferable.

The accuracy of Billing and Account Information
You accept to give us your current and correct account information whenever you make a purchase from our store.

You agree to keep your account information updated whenever it’s necessary to enable us to provide quality to services to you.

Shipping of Packages.

Once your order is processed and shipped, you as the receiver are in charge of monitoring your shipping for your order - as now it is the shipping providers care, (UPS/CANADA POST) therefore you must track package - Aashi Beauty is not responsible for lost packages. You must contact your shipping carrier for updates, and you are responsible for monitoring the shipment. 

Lost Packages.


Aashi Beauty does NOT offer refunds on lost packages. NOR are we responsible for lost packages. As it is up to you to track and monitor your shipment. Lost package investigations can be launched with shipping carrier which can take anywhere between 7-15 days, filing a police report is required. Once shipping carrier provides update with lost package, a replacement order may be sent. The receiver is responsible for launching an investigation.

Signature feature * we recommend all customers to get the signature on package to ensure they sign for package. 

*If you decline route protection for your package, you are declining insurance for your package & are void from all claims.

We offer signature for additional cost on all packages - by declining your order will not be shipped with signature. 

Missing Items

Aashi Beauty does NOT offer refund "on missing items" If an item is missing in your package you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving your package - no exceptions! If there is an item missing, proof MUST be emailed in, including original packaging as well as label on the outside of the package. Failure to cooperate and provide evidence results in decline in case. 

If stating received incorrect item, product must be sent back to original warehouse for our team to view. 

Eligibility to Purchase and Order
We reserve the right to limit the purchase of products from our website to people who will lawfully fill our form contracts. In order to make purchases from our site, we will require you to provide your personal information which may include; your real name, your phone number, your email address and other information.
Also, we require you provide correct and valid billing information so we can use this to process the purchase you make.

Overall, the site is meant for users who meet our terms of eligibility and who have authorized us to charge their credit/debit cards according to the purchase they make.

Changes to Terms
At any point in time, we may modify these Terms of Use so we implore you to check this site regularly in order to be aware of such changes.

Contact Information
If you have any question about the TERMS OF SERVICE, you can contact us at and we will respond within 24 hours. We are always happy to hear from you!