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What Hair Extensions Are Best For Fine Or Thin Hair?

Posted by Gary Gill on
What Hair Extensions Are Best For Fine Or Thin Hair? - Aashi Beauty

The Everyday Struggles Of Having Fine Or Thin Hair

One of the many reasons females with fine or thin hair have difficulty finding the ideal hairstyle for them is simply because whatever they do, nothing seems to stay in place for long enough. 

If you’re having the same dilemma, for sure you’ve already tried everything, but the options seem endless. Some are expensive, and some are not. But, you’d try, anyway.

Visiting an experienced, skilled hairstylist for fine hair can be helpful --- educational, even. They can give you all the advice you will need. Of course, there’s that new feeling like a brand new person after getting your hair done, but the very next day you are back to your old self. 

There are hair care methods that can help add volume and texture to your fine/thin hair that allows you to manage your style for longer. 

Listed next are a couple of known hairstyling techniques that actually work for thin or fine hair:

  • Getting your hair colored with a nice hue can add a huge amount of texture, which makes styling better. Highlights also give the impression of layers, giving extra body and shape to your hair. 
  • For added hair texture, another way is through a haircut that suits your hair type. A lot of individuals with fine hair will have choppy ends, graduated steps, or layers.  

Getting your hair done in such style successfully will entirely depend on the hairstylist, and the quality of the cut you chose. Unfortunately, this sometimes can go horribly wrong

One of the best, simple ways of adding more body and texture to your hair is by using hair extensions

There are times that you may feel like you are the only one wasting so much time and effort  in finding good hairstyles for your hair, but you are definitely not alone. 

The Best Tape-In Hair Extensions For Fine Or Thin Hair

Here are some of the common reasons why the hair tends to weaken and break:

  • Hair tightly being pulled into braids
  • Hair pulled tightly into ponytails
  • The excessive use of hair straightening, ironing, coloring, and bleaching

Considering the many times our hair receives every day can cause damage, resulting in hair thinning or hair loss. 

Many women opt for using tape in hair extensions as a naturally effective way to give fine or thin hair a much-needed break from the use of hair accessories and treatments  Washed and treated tape on hair is also used for conditions involving hair loss.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Many women opt for a weave because it can be styled like you normally would your own. You will need a professional stylist to place it either as a weave or as a single strand. 

A weave has strands carefully sewn together with ribbon or silk thread. The weft is then carefully placed into the head using techniques that make them hardly visible.

Some women choose to have individual strands of Remy hair tape in extensions placed into their heads which allows the hair to move naturally.

When you go for a consultation, a professional stylist will look at you and choose tape in hair that matches the texture and color of your own.

Having hair extensions for fine or thin hair is easy, and all the more so when done by a professional. The look of the dull, thin mane is now a thing of the past with tape in hair extensions.

Exactly What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are strands of either human hair, or synthetically made. These are placed on the scalp to maximize hair volume and are perfect for people who are suffering from hair thinning problems, or hair loss. 

These hair extensions come in different hues and textures, with various techniques for applying them.

Hair Extensions

Color and texture matter, so keep this in mind when choosing the best hair extension that fits you and your hair type.

Hair extensions need to be taken care of. A professional hairstylist who’s an expert in hair extensions and aftercare can advise you on how best to take care of them which depends on the type, texture, and technique. 

Use only mild shampoo and conditioner to make your extensions for a natural and shiny look. Brushing, hairstyling with a blow dryer, and combing your hair with the newly placed extensions need to be done carefully. Some are intolerant of the heat, and extra care must be taken when drying or styling.

If you’re considering extensions for your hair, talk to a certified and experienced professional who will advise on the types of hair extensions and which will best fit your hair.

How Hair Extensions Enhance Thin/Fine Hair

Having fine or thin hair can make one seriously consider a total makeover without ever fully committing to a permanent style. That said, hair extensions are the perfect solution for this hair type which plagues so many women. 

Not only do extensions give the impression of added length, but also the option to play around with different hair shades and styles.

Extensions can do justice for thin or fine hair because of the many options to fit every woman of any age, hair type, needs, and lifestyle. 

Quite frankly, hair extensions remain in demand because of their ability to aid any hair makeover with beautiful results. The WOW factor is always present with them and this has already been proven by many individuals who have taken a liking for extensions, and for a long time.

How Extensions Influence The Way You Look

As seen in many people especially women who opted for hair extensions, these can make one appear thinner because the length draws the eyes to look vertically. They also frame the face and accentuate its good attributes while concealing the bad ones like wrinkles and dark spots. 

Another secret that goes extremely well with hair extensions to make your face look slimmer is to add some highlights and low-lights. 

Again, because the eyes are hardwired to high lights, low lights, and vertically, hair extensions done by a professional can also make the face give the illusion of a brighter, slimmer face.

Remy Hair Extension: What Is It, Really?

Remy human hair, especially from India, is the most popular choice and this is because of very good reasons.

These Indian hair extensions are purely made of human hair; their cuticles are fully in place that offers many advantages compared to the non-Remy hair extensions. The natural, raw look of the Indian Remy has made it a top choice by many women because of its all-natural look.

Remy Hair Extension

It takes little to no effort to align all the well-made hairs in the same direction by using the cuticles as a reference point. This is easily achieved because of the hairs’ ability to stay soft and silky. 

An intact cuticle naturally holds the hair in place, making the hair extensions an overall quality look of natural shine and vibrancy. Not only do these hair extensions look more natural than non-Remy hair but they are also very easy to maintain on a daily basis, and do not tangle easily. 

Since the sole purpose of wearing extensions is to look more attractive than normal, it simply does not make sense to buy ones that have that unnatural look and sheen in them.

Synthetic hair is definitely not pricey at all, but the results might not match what your hair truly needs.

Though synthetic hair has its own place in many people’s preference for extensions, unfortunately, they tend not to last for long.  

It is understandable why lots and lots of people go for Remy hair even though they are a little costly, and always available. If you want to look good and feel good, buy hair that has been sourced from India because of its strength, and thick strands.

Indians prefer a natural look and rarely do chemical or heat treatment on their hair, and tends to last very long, making them the ideal hair extension.

Remy Hair Extensions For A Whole New You

If you want extensions that can give your hair some attractive length, try Remy hair extensions. The more you play around with different hues and styles, the more individualistic you’ll become thanks to the hair’s all-natural look.

A cut that doesn’t quite fit the frame of your face can make you look older, and will only accentuate other features that you prefer to hide. A nicely done haircut helps take years off, making you look younger and vibrant.

Remy tape on hair extensions is the top choice for many fine-haired people. They find that the strands are sorted carefully, giving them a more natural, full, and healthy look.

Some manufacturers are more careful than others when sorting out hair and this reflects in the quality of the product and its price. 

So, if you have gotten tired of the way your thin or fine hair behaves every day, speak to a consultant as soon as possible for the best advice in getting your own hair extensions.


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