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How Silk Face Mask Can Help Prevent Viral Spread

Posted by Thea Marinas on
How Silk Face Mask Can Help Prevent Viral Spread - Aashi Beauty
Helps prevent acne and breakouts
There's been debates about whether silk masks are effective or not, "But is silk good to use for face masks?". Researchers have found out that silk is the most protective of all kinds of cloth masks because it prevents the penetration of water or droplets. Whether that is the case, silk in general has a lot of benefits. According to research, pure silk has a lot of benefits that include preventing breakouts.
During this pandemic, the word that has appeared and have caused struggles to most is: maskne. Silk is known to be antiviral, antimicrobial, and antiviral.


Very fashionable

Do you ever go and plan out an outfit, whether for a date night or a casual night out and then you put on your medical face mask and it's just not it? Well, that's very relatable. Silk face masks on the other hand are so luxe that it can elevate an outfit or be the perfect addition to your overall look.
Feels amazing on the skin
When you say silk, it's automatically connected to the word luxurious! Not only that, it feels very luxurious on the skin. If you feel grossed out by wearing masks for the entire day in this hot summer weather? Well, silk masks will solve that problem for you because:
a) it feels so good to wear
b) it doesn't cause any humidity in your skin that could eventually cause breakouts
It sounds promising because it is. Out of all the types of cloth used to manufacture face coverings, silk is the best material for face masks.
This pandemic came out of nowhere and it definitely put everything into perspective. Our health is definitely wealth. Being more conscious about taking care of our planet and reducing waste also is a big thing. During the first months of quarantine, there was not a lot of reusable face masks available in the market.
One candidate for a reusable face mask are silk face masks. Silk is overall a top notch material to use. Silk face masks are luxurious and reusable: Cold wash in the machine and then air dry. Thats it! Simple as that.
If you're wearing an all black outfit and you want a nice pretty mask to match, that's what silk masks are for! They are available in so many colours and just like the ones on Aashi Beauty, the band are also adjustable to fit any kind of face shape and size. We love an inclusive brand!
In Aashi Beauty, we source the best silk for face masks.

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