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How to Choose a Curling Iron: Advantages of Using a Titanium Iron

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How to Choose a Curling Iron: Advantages of Using a Titanium Iron - Aashi Beauty


Are you ready to buy a new curling iron? Finding the best curling iron to fit your needs without compromising the health of your hair can be tricky. Understanding the science behind what material makes for the best transference of heat to your locks versus which iron to purchase for style can be overwhelming.

However, curling iron connoisseurs agree that a good curling iron has few distinct qualities that render it worthy to touch your tresses. 


What Type of Curls Do You Want?

Your choice of curling iron has a lot to do with your hair goals –and specifically, the curl size you are hoping to achieve. For tighter curls or shorter hair, a smaller curling iron with a barrel size might be optimal. For looser curls, a larger barrel may be appropriate. Aiming for beach waves? You should consider purchasing a curling wand.

Titanium Iron Barrels

Choosing the type of barrel material to use on your hair may seem confusing. After all, there’s tourmaline, ceramic and titanium –but which one is better? Different barrel materials will yield different results –but these days, all bets are on titanium.

Learn to curl your hair

Titanium Curling Irons

Titanium materials have a reputation for rapidly heating and especially beneficial for people with thick hair. They distribute heat evenly, emits negative ions, and does wonders for hair that is coarse. Titanium curling wangs online irons are particularly great at protecting your cuticles from damage and not robbing your hair of moisture.

This material is light, and the iron with its smooth surface makes it ideal because hair is less likely to encounter friction which can contribute to heat damage and breakage.

If you are on a mission to acquire the perfect curling iron with that rivals those found in a salon setting, you must consider investing in a titanium iron like that of AASHI Beauty’s 32MM Curling Wand. This iron has little temperature variation and is not likely to cause your hair heat damage. Our Aashi Beauty 5in1 curling wand is also titanium barrel.



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