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How to make the most particular and trendy braids of the moment.

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How to make the most particular and trendy braids of the moment. - Aashi Beauty

How to make the most particular and trendy braids of the moment


After having seen how to make the classic hair braid and the romantic and elegant herringbone and French braids, we discover some bizarre ideas, suitable above all for the younger ones such as boxer braids: these are two very particular side braids that, starting from the root of the hair, they come behind the nape of the neck and are very used by those who do sports, especially boxing. But let's see specifically how to make a punk braid for more aggressive outfits and a crown braid.


Punk style


This is a crop that is well suited to rock looks. A braid with hair that, if "exaggerated", can take on the appearance of a crest. This is a wonderful look for a night out with friends, a dancing night or to impress to spice your outfit up a little bit more.


  • Split the upper part of the hair using the eyebrows as a reference.
  • Then isolate the area that reaches about ¾ of the eyebrows by tracing with a comb a triangle that ends at the center of the head. Stuck with a beak and temporarily set aside;
  • Proceed with one of the two sides: use a hair-pry, brush the section you are "working" towards the back of the head and start from the hairline.
  • Divide into 3 and intertwine trying to always remain very adherent to the skin so as to form a braid "attached". Finish in the back of the neck. Follow the "roundness" of the head.
  • Close the braid with an elastic band. Dissolve the upper part that you had set aside, spray it with some hairspry, wipe the base and brush back slightly, pointing the ends. Finish with some hairspry. A good product to fixate your hairstyle is Elnette Satin by l’Oréal. Enriched with argan oil this hair-spry is all you need to fixate but nourish your hair all over it.



Crown braid


One of the most fashionable braids is the crown braid, which is used a lot in the summer to fight the heat. This is a romantic options and plus you can choose to customize the crown braid with little pins and flowers so it will look even more elaborated, sweet and unique. Let's see how to do it.


  • Brush your hair well eliminating the knots and make a central line;
  • Create a triangular section of hair on the left side of the neck and make a French braid;
  • While intertwined, add a small portion of hair to each lock;
  • Turn the braid around the whole head, always adding new strands of hair;
  • The braid will then reach the forehead to turn again;
  • With a single braid you will take the whole length of the hair
  • At the end close it with a transparent elastic and fix it to the head with hairpins.

Remember that in order to create the perfect braid and, more in general, a secure and well-structured hairstyle your hair should not be super clean. Create an hairstyle the day after your shampoo when it will be easier for you to manage, tackle and fixate the braid with no effort at all!

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