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Lip Care - 3 Ways to Get Super Soft Lips

Posted by Aashi Beauty Admin on
Lip Care - 3 Ways to Get Super Soft Lips - Aashi Beauty
The lips deserve care and attention because they are continuously exposed to atmospheric agents and are particularly sensitive. We then discover how to solve small daily problems and what make-up to adopt for a dazzling mouth. 

It is quite normal to have chapped and dry lips during both winter and summer. Whether it's the sun, the wind or the make-up, with this simple routine to take care of your lips it will all be a thing of the past. Lip care is important to keep them soft and toned. Here are three ways to say goodbye to dry lips for good!

 Why are my lips dry?

They can become dry when exposed to certain environmental conditions. Cold and wind put them to the test, often creating even bleeding wounds. Even the sunrays can influence, as well as the insane habit of moistening them by constantly passing the language. The use of unreliable cosmetics should also not be overlooked. All these conditions therefore involve the loss of the aqueous part and the loss of the natural protective surface film.


Let’s see then what we can do to prevent our lips from drying and how to make the most of our beauty routine.

 1.     Put on a moisturizing lipstick If lipstick is part of your uniform, it's important to know what you put on it. Look for moisturizing lipsticks with shea butter, oils or oil to prevent your lips from drying out due to lipstick. Also, there's nothing uglier than lipstick in lip cracks ... Check our beauty product vegan lipstick collection and find the perfect ally to both your look and your lips’ health!  Tip: If your favorite lipstick dries your lips, use a conditioner as a base before applying it. If you are outdoors in the sun, apply one with a protective factor.

 2.     Go to bed with a moisturizing lip balm You don't have problems going to sleep with a face mask, so why not try a lip mask? You can buy a lip mask that softens them and helps them to cope with the harsh climate to which they are exposed. Or you can simply apply lip balm before bed. The balm softens and cares for the lips while you sleep when it is less likely that you bite or run your tongue over it (if you do it will dry out!)

 3.     Exfoliate your lips In the worst moments, the lips can peel off causing cracking and scales. While it is essential to moisturize your lips when they are in these conditions, it is also important to remove dead cells: here are some do-it-yourself methods. Vaseline and toothbrush: apply vaseline and gently remove dead cells with a toothbrush or something similar. Once done your lips will be free from cracks and ready to moisturize the balm.    Sugar scrub: mix the sugar with a little oil. With circular movements, gently massage the mixture with your finger on the lips. Doing so will eliminate dead skin and remain a soft layer for applying the balm.

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