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This summer go for a messy bun!

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This summer go for a messy bun! - Aashi Beauty
Often adopted by Meghan Markle in public outings, this new type of hairstyle, in the two low and high variants, is simple to make, adapts to every type of face and gives a casual air, but also glamor and chic. Here's how to put it into practice quickly


It is known that long hair requires time and care and that compared to a short haircut it is much more demanding. However, they also have the undeniable advantage of being able to be styled in many different ways. For most of us ladies in fact, giving up a long hair is a sacrifice that we are not willing to make, despite the fact that our trusted hairdresser every time insists on a drastic cut that would renew our look.Nothing to do, we will never be able to convince ourselves, because anyone who has chosen to maintain a medium or long length also knows how practical it is to be able to pick up your hair when you don't have time for a haircut.But if you are tired of the usual ponytail, here comes the messy bun, the trend-setting hairstyle for spring / summer 2019, to the rescue! What is the messy bun It is nothing more than the most modern and unkempt revamp of the classic chignon. Loved by the stars, it was brought to the fore by Meghan Markle, wife of Harry of England, who often wears it on the occasion of the official releases with her husband. The effect is much more natural than the classic chignon and adapts to any type of face. The variants are essentially two: the low one, the favorite of Meghan and the most suitable for us ladies, and the high one, depending on whether or not we want to highlight the back of the neck.


Easy and quick to make, it is really affordable for all of us ladies and can save us from a bad hair day: all you need is a rubber band, some hairpin and a good disciplinary product that keeps even the most rebellious hair at bay. Suitable for both day and night, it suits any type of outfit, and also lasts for several hours, thus solving the problem of feeling with untidy hair and making us look casual only in appearance because in reality the messy bun is extremely glamorous and chic.


How to do it Carefully comb your hair in order to remove all the knots, spray a little lacquer or foaming hair on the palms of your hands and apply it over the entire length of the hair.Make a ponytail by locking the end of the tail with the elastic which will cover the elastic and leave the tips free. If you want to be sure that it doesn't melt, fix it with some hairpins.Alternatively, once the tail is done, wrap the hair around the base leaving it soft and free and locking the tips under the elastic.And voila your ruffled chignon is ready. If you want to see how to make your messy bun, here's a tutorial that shows you all the steps to make it happen quickly and easily.

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