Semi Permanent Tape-in Extensions

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Double drawn, is thick from root to tip, more full in terms of thickness. As well as, the double drawn is a great selection for medium, or thick hair. The adhesive on this glue is a matte finish, and is more durable for those who have medium thickness in hair. 

Natural drawn, is more for people with thin hair, as the hair appears to be thinner on the ends as they are intended this way to ensure that once installed, they are natural and blend in with your hair. The adhesive on this collection is also thinner, making this a good fit for those more so with very thin hair. 

Want long, luscious hair? Grab the best tape in hair extensions in Toronto only at Aashi Beauty!

If you are like most of the women who want long, luscious locks this summer we are here to help you. Instead of just hoping to wake up with a mermaid-like mesmerizing hair, go and get the actual solution that can give you the hair of your dreams, that is the tape in hair extensions. These extensions are a semi-permanent form of hair extensions that instantly adds length and volume to your natural hair without the hassles of making a permanent change. Read more to know the five significant benefits of opting for tape in human hair extensions:

1. These extensions last a long time: These extensions get taped into your natural hair, rather than clipped that further allow you to have a look you want for a more extended period. Its durability is its prominent benefit and you can flaunt your favorite look for quite a long period of time with this particular kind of human hair extensions.

2. They are easy to maintain: This particular kind of hair extension does not require maintenance as it’s just as easy as caring for your natural hair. All you have to do is brush it frequently in a day and that’s it. You are not required to do anything extra to keep it safe.

3. It gives you length and volume: One of the prominent benefits of this extension is that it gives you more hair! Since thin hair can lower your self-confidence, these human hair extensions instantly transformed your look and elevated your confidence level.

4. They make your hair more versatile: Once you tape in the hair extensions, your hair becomes more versatile which means you can achieve any look or hairstyle you wish or desire.

5. You can wear them to swim, workout, or shower: One of the benefits of this particular kind that the customers love is that you can wear them in the shower, during your workout, and to swim, unlike the other extensions that need to be removed before undertaking such activities.

If you are questing for an ace-quality tape in hair extension in Canada, then hop into Aashi Beauty now! We deal with Remy in hair extensionsCanada with FREE SHIPPING on all our products. Contact us now to get the best extensions online.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

If you are a type of personality who quickly changes hairstyles and colors, then the best thing for you is to wear Tape in hair extensions. Various companies provide hair extensions services, but finding the reliable one Is hard these days.

Ashibeauty proudly provides you high-quality Tape In hair extensions that you can use for a variety of purposes in the daily life routine.

The Remy human hairs we are using in the Tape in extensions make it durable, just like your healthy hair. The long-time adhesiveness of our extensions is not the only reason you should buy from us, but we also provide the same features for the hair.

You can purchase the Tape in extension from us of your favorite color, and use it for around two months without any hesitation.

The product we are providing is very easy to maintain as per your demands. If having a thin hair layer is your primary problem, you can try our product to keep your hair thicker.

You can get ashibeauty extension to enhance more versatility in your overall appearance of hairs. The best part about our product is that you can wear it during the gym, swimming, and shower as well.

double drawn tape extensions
Our Tape–in Extensions is made from 100% Virgin Human Hair, sourced from one single donor and features pure virgin hair with the cuticle intact. Each bundle is sold in 50g packs, 20 pieces.
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