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Hair Extension Care

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Hair Extension Care - Aashi Beauty

For the longevity of your hair extension, we strongly advise you always care for your Aashi Beauty Hair extension as you would your own hair
Below are the ways to care for your hair extension to ensure longevity.

How long will my extensions last?
Clip-in Extensions
The better you care for your clip-in extensions the longer the lifespan. Clip-in Extensions can last anywhere between 3 months to well over one year. The lifespan fluctuates depending on how often the extensions are being worn and how they are cared for.

With daily use your Clip-in Extensions may last approximately 3 to 6 months and if you use your extension less frequently they can last well over 1 year!

To expand the lifespan, we advise using deep conditioner on your extensions which will allow for them to be moisturized and replenished. The more often you wear your extensions the more frequently you would want to deep condition them. If you are wearing them on a daily basis then we suggest deep conditioning them approximately once a week. If they are not being used frequently then deep condition them at your discretion.

Tape Extensions
The lifespan for Tape Extensions does vary depending on how they are cared for and they can last between 1 to 2 years.

Tape Extensions do need to be reinstalled approximately every 2 to 3 months. Please note, this time frame is an approximation and may vary as it essentially depends on the growth of your hair and the slippage of the bonds. With that said to prolong the timespan between installations we do advise against placing product directly on the tape bonds.

Can I wash my Clip-in Extensions?
Yes, the Clip-in Extensions should be washed just as your own hair, using gentle sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Ensure to treat them with plenty of conditioner to keep them moisturized and healthy. Please note, when you receive your set they are already processed, cleaned and ready to be applied!

Once you have washed the extensions please ensure to lay them flat to dry on a clean towel.

How often do my Clip-in Extensions need to be washed?
Clip-in Extensions do not need to be washed after each use. Typically, you only want to wash the extensions bi-weekly or when there is product build-up. It is important to deep condition the extensions as they will only receive moisture from conditioning, deep conditioning, etc.

Over washing of the extensions can easily dry out your Clip-in Extensions as the extensions unlike your natural hair that is connected to your scalp do not have any natural oils from your scalp to keep them moisturized. With that in mind the extensions if over washed will dry out faster than your own hair.

Can my extensions be dyed? – 

Please be advised, if you choose to dye the extensions our recommendation would be to test the dye on a small portion of your extensions before applying to the entire set to ensure the outcome does not affect the overall quality. Having said that, you must do this at your own risk, as there are many factors which can alter the result such as, temperature, duration, method, and so on.

We never recommend bleaching the hair as bleaching hair extensions that have already been processed is extremely harmful for the hair.

Aashi Beauty will not be responsible for the outcome.

Can I blow dry my extensions?
To prolong the lifespan of your extensions we do advise against using a blow dryer. By using a blow dryer, you essentially decrease the lifespan as this would dry out the extensions. As our extensions are 100% human hair you can use a blow dryer just as you would on your own hair, however, as these are extensions and they are not attached to a scalp they do not receive any natural oils that replenish your hair.

We would advise laying your extensions flat to dry or using our Aashi Beauty Hanger to allow the extensions to dry evenly. By naturally drying the extensions you prolong the lifespan.

Can styling tools be used on my extensions?
Yes, styling tools can be used on your extensions just as you would on your own hair as the extensions are 100% Human Hair. With that said we do advise using a heat protector while using hair styling tools on your extensions!

Why are my extensions shedding? - this section needs to be changed as it is not in own wording. Must go back to change to sound better.

Please do not be alarmed with the shedding as there can sometimes be initial shedding with the first couple of uses. We would recommend giving the extensions a good brush out first. After initial shedding, shedding is only minimal - like our own hair. Please note, we always include more hair in each pack in case there is initial shedding as we take the hair straight off of our machines and package it, so please do not worry.


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