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Spring Trends: All things for Skincare This Spring Season!

Posted by Prabh Sidhu on
Spring Trends: All things for Skincare This Spring Season! - Aashi Beauty

Spring 2022 Skincare trends

Microdose your acids!

2020 was the year that skincare blew up because everyone just wants to take care of their skin. Almost everyone is starting to incorporate acids and retinol in their routines and that is AWESOME! But don’t get too excited. Microdose your skincare products! Let your skin get used to these new products for minimal side effects. If your skin is not used to acids, chances are you will experience some irritation and we don’t want that!

Skin Barrier Protection

If you’re using retinol and acids, this will be essential to make sure your skin barrier is not disrupted! As we have said micro-dosing will lessen the chances of your skin getting more irritated which will lead to breakouts. 

Our skin barrier could get compromised from using different kinds of acids, so it will be helpful to use products that will help repair and soothe it.

Try this Avene Ciclafate Restorative Cream



Is this even new? But for the people who are new to this, SPF is important and even if you are going outside or staying inside, SPF will protect your skin from all the pesky UV rays that could harm your skin. 

Your skincare routine will be meaningless if you don't finish it off with SPF. If you are 
trying to get rid of your post-acne scars, not wearing SPF will worsen the case. 

Comment some of your favs! Me personally, love the Super-goop & First Aid Beauty


Facial Spray! 

Oh my I personally love this, especially for VACAY. Sitting on a beach, with the sun booming in your face, this facial spray with aloe is a must. It is refreshing as it hits your face, that rehydrates the skin.


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