Clip-in hair extensions are the fastest way of making your long and full hair goals come true. The hair extension weft comes have clips attached to them which make them easy to attach and detach easily.

Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

In order to select the best Aashi Beauty.Clip-in set for your hair type it would essentially depend on the thickness of your hair. If your hair is thin then you would want to select the 160gram set and if your hair is medium to thick then you would want to select the 220 gram set. As there are various weft sizes included in your set they can be strategically placed to achieve a thick and voluminous look or less wefts can be used to create a naturally full look.

If you are looking for length and your hair is thin then you could opt for the 220 gram set and just use few wefts. By doing so you can alternate the wefts and create a longer life span for your Clip-in Extensions. Each Clip-in Extension set contains 10 wefts (pieces) of various sizes – for more details regarding what your set includes please view the product details which is located on the product page.

The difference between our 160 gram and 220 gram sets aside from the thickness is the length. Our 160 gram set is available in 18 inches and our 220 gram set is available in both 20 inches and 22 inches.

If you are unsure of which color will best match your hair, we offer a great online service where you can send a photo of your hair and one of our color specialists will be able to assist you in selecting the best color match. We have attached a link below which will redirect you to our color match form:

Please send in a photo of your hair taken in natural light. We do prefer a back shot taken from roughly two feet away as this will allow our color specialists to view all the tones of your hair.

To determine which length is best suited for the look you are wanting to achieve we would suggest taking a piece of flexible measuring tape and starting from the top of your ear (this is where the first track typically begins) go down to the desired length and you will be able to see a visual of where the extensions would roughly end when installed.   

Please keep in mind that when you curl your hair the extensions just as your own hair will typically raise slightly.

There is really no specific duration to which hair extension lasts. This depends on how you care for the hair extension i.e. the products you use on them, how often you wear the hair extension and other general care. Our hair extension at Aashi Beauty lasts up to 6 months and even longer provided you ensure proper care for them.

In the actual sense, clip-in hair extensions don’t damage your hair. As they are clipped onto your hair with your desire! 

You don’t need to be a professional to clip in hair extensions. It very easy and fast! All you need to do is to open the clips and close it to the root of your hair. When done properly, you don’t have to worry about the clips showing.

The duration for this depends on the techniques you are using for the clipping. Normally it can take around 5 minutes to clip in the entire arrangement of hair extension!  

Clip-in hair extensions have different ways of styling them to enable you to make a thicker and longer hair style, or to try and add a blend of specific colors for specific look.

Clip-in hair extensions can be styled in a bun, pig tail, plait, and even twists! The choices are limitless.

Yeah, your curly hair doesn’t stop you from using clip-in hair extension. Aashi Beauty extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair, in this manner, the hair will normally come straight. Also you can consider straightening or having your hair relaxed to have a nice blend with the extension.

For a nice blend of Aashi Beauty extension, we prescribe that your hair be no less than 6-7 inches in length, which is about medium length. The reason for this recommended length is that having a shorter hair can make the weft unable to clip in very well and make them to show.

Clip-in hair extensions are an incredible asset to give you that smashing wedding hair look. They are awesome for boosting your hair length, volume and color. Hair extensions offer great opportunities to make your wedding hair goals come through.

If you are asking the question of getting or not to get a hair extension, then your answer is dependent on the following factors.

If you have a short hair and you want to add length in order to do some styles.

If you want a stunning look that is different from the natural everyday look.

Hair extension provides your hair with the right volume you desire for that special event.

If you want to style your hair in a new way to have that unique look different from what your natural hair can offer.

No Damage
Definitely you want to achieve your hair goals with that awesome look without causing any damage to your hair. Hair extension offers that opportunity of experimenting with your hair and having different looks.

Ease of Use
You don't need much technicality to use hair extension; they can be easily clipped in with in few minutes.

To guarantee that your hair extension is oblivious to others, you have to properly clip in the hair extension. All the wefts have firm clips to keep them in place. Also, ensure you clip in the weft between your own hair layers to give them a nice and natural blend.

As much as you can, style your hair extension however you want. You can curl, straighten or style you extension in any way that suits you. We recommend styling the extensions at a lower temperate setting. 

It is necessary to use hair products to nourish your hair extension since they don’t get natural nourishment from your scalp. That means it is important to use the right hair product for your hair. While choosing hair products, we recommend you use those with organic ingredients that won’t cause damage to your hair.

Hair extensions don't need regular washings as they don't accumulate oils from the scalp. Nevertheless, we propose just washing your Aashi Beauty extensions each 15-20 wears or whenever you feel there is the need. It would be ideal if you remember that the less you wash your hair extension, the more they will last you. Also, we suggest utilizing sulfate and alcohol free hair products, as these chemicals can dry the hair out, prompting tangle hair.

As long as you keep wearing your hair extension, they have the chance of tangling. Due to this we advise you brush your hair extensions before and after use using a paddle brush or detangling hair brush.

We ensure the use of 100% Remy human hair in making Aashi Beauty extensions which means they can be dyed or toned at your own risk. Please note the hair has already been processed and colouring it may damage the hair. If you choose to dye your hair we recommend testing the dye on a smaller clip to ensure it is the outcome you want. 

We don't suggest sleeping with your hair extensions on, as this could cause extreme tangling, which can be harmful to the extension. We advise you remove your extensions every night

Remy hair is believed to be the finest grade of human hair. It is mostly used for hair extensions and wigs because it appears natural like your real hair and can be styled and managed like your real hair.

Hair extensions that are manufactured form human hair can be treated in a way you will treat your own hair. They can be styled with hot tools, can be dyed to become darker and washed as often as you would your own hair.

Synthetic hair doesn’t have these qualities. They are sensitive to temperature as such cannot be styled with hot tools and are sensitive to sun. as such, they don’t last long like hair extension made from human hair.

Clip-in Hair Extensions
Clip-in hair extension is an easy and fast way of applying hair extension by you without the help of a professional. They offer a temporary method of hair extension i.e. you can clip the extension in and out easily anytime you want. Clipping in this type of hair extension takes about 5 minutes which means you can remove whenever you want to swim or shower and clip them in.

Tape in Hair Extensions
On the other hand, Tape-in hair extensions involve taping each weft of the extension and taping them to your hair, they are installed using tape adhesive as the name implies and are "sandwiched" between your own hair. This type of extensions can last in your hair up to 10 weeks, unlike Clip-in Hair Extension, you will need to contact an expert before fixing a Tape-in Hair extension. This type of method is great if you are one who wears extensions everyday, and don’t want to worry about clipping in extensions as apart of your regular routine. Also having tape-ins installed is great if your on vacation!