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Get your hair silky and frizz-free curls by buying titanium curling wand online. Aashi Beauty is here to provide the curling wands that you can easily be used and get 5 in 1 benefits from curling wands. Our curling wands are multipurpose and professional. They are specifically used to curl the hair and the curls are made by using the wand and it cannot easily be damaged as the heat that it generates makes the hair to live for a longer period of time.

Know some of the features of the best curling product

When you buy curling wand online from us then, you will see that it is light-weight, beautifully designed with the best finishing. The curling wands are covered with a layer of 100% pure titanium plates that assists in delivering the faster heat for good shine; from this, the heat can be distributed from top to bottom to provide the frizz styles to the hairs. It is very easy to use and you can make your hairstyles without any difficulty. It works very great for the longer hairs as well. The customers can have the choice to make a choice of these multipurpose curling wands that are professional and assists in making your hair more appealing. There are five types of styles you can choose and each style comprises various types of curls that you can use and customize for your daily hairstyles. Not only for daily hairstyles, but you can make the usage of it to make curling of the hair on an occasion also. With all this fantastic, fast, and customized options you can use these 5 style wand options, now you have to just adopt which style you want to try first with the use of this curling wand. Hence, just buy curling wand and provides great looks to your hair.

  • Clip Iron 1.25” (32mm) provides full glamorous curling and identical polished curling.
  • The Wand 1.25” (32 mm) offers soft loosed waves of the hair, beach waves and volume with blending.
  • The Curling Wand which is 1” (25 mm) helps in relaxing the waves that are not done and provides the same spiral waves to the hair.
  • Pearl will make your hair bouncy and Bubble pearls.
  • Tapered Wand 1.25-0.75” (19-32mm) offers a relaxed, tousled, and textured waves and top curling.

The curling iron is also used for curling the hair and it also provides the hair to look curly and good. This type of curling iron comprises of clips. The curling irons barrel is the same in size so in case if you want a different size of curl at the same time then you have to use another size of curling barrel irons. Here are some of the aspects that are explained which tells about the advantages of it.

  • The curling iron assists in creating the ringlet effects.
  • It can easy to use and set up the hair because of the clasping reason.
  • The barrel of the curling iron is normally equal in size and you will get the uniform curls.

So, just easily buy curling iron online without any difficulty by visiting our website.

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  • Five (5) interchangeable titanium barrels 
  • Digital temperature control from 250°F - 450°F (100-230°C)
  • Led screen will turn green once desired styling temperature is reached
  • Automatic shut off timer - can be adjusted to turn off between 30 to 60 minutes.
  • POWER Swivel cord
  • Ion Complex 
  • Velcro and UL plugs
  • 25-45W - heats up in seconds
  • Dual Voltage - 110-240V /  50-60Hz
  • 1 Year Warranty



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