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Aashi Beauty Silk Pillowcase

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Aashi Beauty Silk Pillowcase - Aashi Beauty

Do you often get out of bed with tangled hair and dry skin?

Do you worry about how you just styled your hair the day before but when you wake up it’s completely tangled?

You would like to repair that, wouldn’t you?


Then, it’s time to incorporate silk pillowcases in your life! You may have heard silk pillowcases are beneficial for your skin and hair. But, are those claims true?


The answer is yes! Dermatologists and textile experts have found that silk pillowcases are actually good for your hair and skin. Before we learn about the various benefits of silk, let's talk about how we obtain them.


How do we Get Silk?

We get silk from cocoons of silkworm larvae that feed on mulberry trees. Silkworm larvae or caterpillars feed on mulberry leaves and produce fibres that harden when they come in contact with air. Then, they make cocoons that people extract and weave into silk. This is the process of silk extraction!


Benefits Of Silk Pillowcases

Silk Pillowcases can Reduce Signs of Aging

It’s true! If you use silk pillowcases for a long period, you will get fewer signs of ageing. Wrinkles and fine lines will soften because of the reduced amount of friction in a silk pillowcase. 


Silk Pillowcases can Help Hair

Cotton can absorb moisture from skin and hair but silk doesn’t! Silk pillowcases cause less hair breakage and keep hair frizz-free. Your hair will get less tangled and more easily manageable. 

People with oily or curly hair can keep their locks smooth and tangle-free! Silk pillowcases will help keep your hair hydrated because they help to maintain the natural oils in your hair. You’ll wake up with soft and smooth hair!


Frizzy hair- Silk has a smooth texture which causes less friction - this will keep your hair from getting damaged! You will get fewer tangles and less frizz. The health of your hair will also improve.


Dry hair- Silk pillowcases will not strip your hair of moisture & are great for dry hair.


Split Ends-  Less friction means less breakage! You will wake up with the same shiny hair that you went to bed with! Also, if you have styled or blow-dried your hair, silk pillowcases will help preserve it.



Silk Pillowcases For Skin

Harsh cotton pillowcases may cause folds in your skin because of increased friction. Repetition of this process leads to a dull-looking, wrinkled skin in the long run. Say farewell to those sleep lines when you wake up!


If you have dry skin, silk pillowcases are your saviour! They won't draw out moisture from the skin while still maintaining a smooth texture.

You will see a drastic improvement in your dark circles because of the cool temperature too! Think, the same effect as cool cucumbers under your eyes.


Acne prevention

If you have acne-prone skin, silk will help because of their moisture wicking and antibacterial properties!



Silk contains amino acids that help the skin reabsorb moisture and calm dryness, which can help sooth eczema conditions or dry skin.


Regulates Temperature

 Silk helps the body retain heat in cold weather while excess heat is expelled in warm weather! You really do get the best of both with these pillowcases! 


Quality Sleep

The gentle silk pillowcase will help you sleep in comfort and will enhance the quality of your sleep.


So, what are you waiting for? Chuck the old, grimy cotton pillowcases for shiny, smooth silk ones. See the transformative change in your hair and skin.


We, at Aashi Beauty, have ethically sourced pillowcases that are excellent for your hair & skin!  All our 100% pure silk pillowcases are also made in Canada!


With an Aashi beauty silk pillowcase, your skin and hair will get the care they deserve! We offer an assortment of colours to choose from too! 

So, it's time for you to ditch your cheap cotton pillowcases and reap the benefits of a silk pillowcase.  Get a dermatologist recommended pillowcase from Aashi Beauty today!



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