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How long do hair extensions last?

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How long do hair extensions last? - Aashi Beauty

How long do hair extensions last?

What are hair extensions?

Artificial hair integrations, more popularly known as hair extensions, are sections of extra natural/synthetic hair added to one’s hair in order to make it look longer and/or voluminous. These are the low-cost, easy & readily available alternatives to the expensive medical hair growth treatments & hair transplantations.

Which to Pick: Human hair or Synthetic?

Human hair extensions look natural, last longer and can be treated and styled in the same way as your natural hair. Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, are cheaper than real hair extensions and cannot be heat styled.

How to Use These Extensions?

These sections could be clipped/glued/sewn on natural hair by blending additional natural/synthetic hair.

The common methods used include tape-in extensions, clip-in or clip-on extensions, fusion method, weaving method & wigs.

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Longevity of the extensions:

Be it an extension, an accessory or any other commodity for that matter, one of the first things we look for in a promising product is its durability. Naturally, the lifespan of the hair extension turns out to be of utmost importance.

The lifespan of extensions is undeniably determined by their quality; the better the quality, the higher the price.

I shall now walk you through different types of hair extensions, their expected lifespan along with a few expert tried-and-tested ways of taking care of them.

Fusion Extensions:

As the name suggests, these extensions are fused with the roots of your hair at a set temperature (low). This way, the extensions are merged seamlessly with your hair.


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How long do they last?

These extensions last for 3-5 months, depending on how much care is taken. This includes your hair washes, frequency of hairstyling, and also using the right hairbrush.

How to take care of them?

Taking care of these extensions, fortunately, is easy-peasy! Apart from taking regular care of your hair, having the hair extensions repositioned once every 2 months is all you need to do.


Tape-in Extensions:

As the name suggests, the methodology used here is the securing of the extensions on either side of your hair by the use of an adhesive weft tape. These are relatively popular as they don’t need heat & facilitate easy growth. You may visit the link to purchase these lovelies, right away!

Image Source: indiaMART

How long do they last?

These will last you 4-8 weeks when taken good care of.

How to take care of them?

The most important precaution to take is not brushing them wet. Comb them when dry for a natural look.


Clip-in extensions:

Clip-in extensions stand out for being impermanent, easy to use & less damaging. They are the best go-to solution for volume & length requirements- simply clip them in & out as required. Check out to make a purchase now!


Image Source: The hair shop


How long do they last?

With regular usage they can last anywhere between 3-6 months & a year.

How to take care of them?

Brushing out tangles, washing them with lukewarm water, and a dollop of shampoo and finally rinsing them is a good way of taking care of the extensions. After 30 wears, this has to be done at regular intervals.


Sew-in Extensions:

Strands of your hair are braided into cornrows & then the extensions are sewn onto the braids with the use of needle & thread.

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How long do they last?

They last for around 6-8 weeks since they are fairly permanent.

How to take care of them?

Periodic moisturizing and shampooing, along with deep conditioning helps in taming the edges & locking in the moisture. This gives your hair a natural and healthy look.   



Most heard of in the world of extensions, these are typically attached to a firm base that hold the strands in place. Wigs usually cover your entire head. Wigs are worn for multiple purposes - disguising baldness/ religious reasons/ medical issues etc. They are quite popular owing to their less expensive & less intrusive nature.

Image Source: AliExpress

How long do they last?

When taken care of well, Natural wigs can last upto a year while synthetic wigs last for about 4-6 months.

How to take care of them?

The key to well maintained wigs lies in how you maintain them. De-tangling, washing and rinsing with cold water will keep them safe. Always towel-dry your wigs and keep away from heat styling them as much as you can because it could damage the wig leading to a quicker wear out. Make sure to never brush the wig strands when wet. Storage of wigs in a case/box also helps in increasing its longevity.




Hair extensions are total game-changers. You can sport a new look every time your heart wishes for one. From adding length/volume to disguising your bald head, they serve all your needs. We have made your job easier by equipping your database of the whats and hows of these extensions! All you need to do is to head straight to your stylist and get your hair done!


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    How long do hair extensions last? – Aashi Beauty

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