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All about Hair Aask: Moisturize and Rejuvenate your hair with special lotions

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All about Hair Aask: Moisturize and Rejuvenate your hair with special lotions - Aashi Beauty

All about hair mask: moisturize and rejuvenate your hair with special lotions


Very often the hair appears to be dry or at least brittle. Hair dyes, frequent use of the plate at high temperature, atmospheric agents such as smog, wind or the sun are all possible causes that ruin the hair making it dull and dry.


For all women there is nothing worse than having ruined hair, but fortunately there are effective remedies to treat the hair and make it healthy and shiny as before. One of the fundamental aspects to take into consideration is to constantly take care of one's hair: only in this way is it possible to have an impeccable hair.


But let's see what it is all about, but especially when and why to use it!


Hair mask: what it is


The hair mask is a product that is generally presented as a fairly thick and fragrant cream, formulated to be applied both on the scalp and on the lengths. With a constant application it allows to restructure the hair making it healthy and shiny. As with many cosmetic products, even hair masks are characterized by multiple components that are chosen based on the scalp they are going to work on and the disturbance they will improve. Each type of hair, whether it is fat, dry, colored, requires specific care, and it is precisely for this reason that there are innumerable variants of masks, each suitable for a type of foliage.


Hair mask: How and When to use it


Although there are many masks on the market, the method of use is the same for all.


Before explaining how to apply it correctly it is necessary to make a clarification: the mask does not replace the balm. This point is essential as the two products are completely different from each other. While the balm helps to untangle the hair and prepare it for drying, the mask has a healing function.


But how to apply it?


After shampooing your hair, lightly pat your hair to remove excess water and apply the mask both on the root and on all lengths. To evenly distribute the product you can help yourself with a wide-toothed comb or in any case use your hands to spread the lock by strand mask. It is normally recommended to apply a small amount of product without exceeding to avoid unnecessarily weighing down the hair. Then let the product work for at least 10 minutes, but check the recommended laying time on the package. Even better if you wrap the hair in the transparent film during the laying, in this way the heat will facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients inside the scalp. Then rinse with warm water until the product is completely removed and proceed with the normal drying.


Use the mask once or at most two a week in the case of particularly damaged hair, otherwise every 15 - 20 days will be more than enough for hair that does not have special needs. All the other times you are going to wash your hair use the balm quietly, but remember: never use the two products together, in fact the balm would not allow the mask to be totally absorbed by the hair.


Then there are some masks on the market that do not require rinsing but if you really have to choose it is advisable to opt for those to be rinsed so as not to make the hair too heavy, especially if you have oily hair.

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