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Hormonal hair loss: What it is and how to prevent it!

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Hormonal hair loss: What it is and how to prevent it! - Aashi Beauty

Hormonal hair loss: what it is and how to prevent it


Hormonal hair loss is a common problem for  women. In order to prevent hair loss, experts resort to therapies based on rebalancing the hormonal status.


In fact, it has been noted by many that the best way to improve hair condition is to improve one's hormonal status.


The hormonal cause of hair loss, especially in women, is considered to be equal to other important causes such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, problems with the immune system, all illnesses linked to each other.


The hormonal changes are in fact natural processes, which we consider to be sudden because we do not realize that we are constantly changing, evolving, passing from the state of children to that of adolescents, and then move on to the various stages of maturity and finally to seniority.


All these processes of change are accompanied by hormonal mutations that must be known and facilitated: when the body needs to change often it communicates it in its own way and hair loss is one of these ways.




One of the most important aspects is that related to supplying sufficient amounts of vitamins to our body and helping it to absorb them in the best possible way.


A complete and balanced range of vitamins helps our body produce the right amount of hormones. In practice we mainly talk about optimizing vitamin D levels, exposing ourselves to so-called sunbathing, eating seafood and other foods rich in this vitamin.


Vitamin B12 is also important for the condition of the hair, and in addition to taking it, it is very important to know the habits that help keep it and not waste it; for example, not everyone knows that switching from refined grains to whole grains helps preserve the vitamin B12 reserves.


Returning to vitamin D, it is good to know that a deficiency of this vitamin is often linked to thyroid problems, and that helping its absorption helps to counter the effects of hyperthyroidism.


The same thing can be said about vitamin B12: supplementing both vitamins helps to improve endocrine functions and translate everything with a reduction in hair loss.


Antiestrogenic foods


It is important to know and to stock up on foods considered anti-estrogenic, that is to say that contrast the action of female hormones, we mention among all:


> broccoli

> flax seeds

> wild berries

> ginger



these, on balance, are the best allies to combat hair loss in women.





In the case of diabetes, one of the symptoms of peripheral artery problems is hair loss (along with the sensation of cold in the peripheral parts of the body).


In this case the best remedy is physical activity, starting simply with a bit of a bicycle or an exercise bike, followed by a long and well-done stretching session, which is very important for improving the state of muscles, ligaments and circulatory system.


Other positive effect of this activity: an improved regulation of hepatic glucose in the metabolism and a better modulation of the production and transport of glucose in the body. All this helps prevent hormonal imbalances related to diabetes.



Female imbalances


Women experience a significant loss of hair after certain hormonal changes, especially after childbirth or the beginning of menopause. The body can be helped in these moments, first of all by minimizing the consumption of nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, all elements that stress the estrogen peak.


On the other hand, what makes these phases of hormonal changes easier is certainly to enrich one's diet with polyphenols and foods rich in healthy dietary fiber: fruit and whole grains become valuable aids in the hormonal cause.

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