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All you need to know about Balayage

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All you need to know about Balayage - Aashi Beauty

All you need to know about Balayage

By the term balayage we mean the lightening of hair in a natural way, it is a bit as if the sun hit some strands in a very homogeneous and truthful way.

The Balayage allows for clear reflections despite the contrast with the base.

This permanent color gives bright and vibrant reflections that give the hair a natural ripple through points of light.

How is balayage done?

You can't do it at home on your own as the treatment requires an excellent mastery of colors, shutter speeds and also the ability to identify the locks to lighten to properly light up your hairstyle.

The hairdresser will evaluate with you which areas to illuminate according to your face and the haircut you have.

Then the coloring phase is carried out with a brush to uniformly blend the color and make it as natural as possible.


What will be the result?


The balayage requires that only the tips are lightened and that the chosen shade respects your natural color, therefore there will not be a real distortion of colors but a very natural attenuation of your tones.


If you are looking for a way to lighten your hair, you do not want to dye it completely, nor do you want to use techniques that would leave your hair bleached in half or with clear cuts, the solution is just balayage!

It is clear, the contrast is seen and your hair will be partly lighter than your natural color. But the final result will be much more homogeneous, because the portions of bleached hair will be more distributed.


The balayage, in fact, is performed on the whole head and therefore on all the hair, not only on a portion (think of the shatush, which instead intervenes mostly on the tips); to achieve this, we usually proceed by dividing the hair starting from the top of the nape, forming a kind of star with the various locks. Portion after portion the hairdresser will proceed by hand with the bleaching, lightening the hair of some tones and positioning the color in the right points, in order to enhance the movement of your hair.


cliomakeup-balayage-technique-scharire-hair-hairdresser-effects-light-contouring-faceThe concept should be the same as the hair contouring: if the lights and shadows are positioned in the right places, the balayage will be able to make more than just three-dimensional your hair but also your face!


A big advantage of this technique is that it works giving good results on both light and darker hair. But not only! It is also suitable for all lengths, except for very short hair on which it would be impossible to intervene with any technique that includes the selection of some locks compared to others.


That said, you know why more than any other technique (shatush in the first place) the balayage has been a great success over time, and everyone wants to do it over and over again, including some starts like Gisele, Jessica Biel, Cara Delevigne and more.


Now some of them have even made it a kind of trademark, because their hair and balayage have been one for years. And the reason is simple: once done, this method to lighten hair does not require too much maintenance!


Since the lighter locks are scattered among the foliage in a more disordered way the result will be less artifact than the shatush or other techniques that create greater color contrasts and, if a bit of regrowth reappears, you will not have to rush to the hairdresser right away!


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