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7 tips to take care of your hair in summer

Posted by Aashi Beauty Admin on
7 tips to take care of your hair in summer - Aashi Beauty

Summer can put a strain on even the strongest hair, especially if it is long, colored and dry by constitution. There are, however, some hypothetical imperatives - to quote Kant - to which to obey if you do not want to incur a clean break on your return from vacation. Here is the handbook of things to do and not to do in the summer in hair care.


  1. Use a protective solar hair spray


Take it to the beach to have hair always in order and protected from sun, wind and salt, the main causes of summer dryness. Choose it based on the "duplicity" of your hair: the bigger it is, the more it will require oil. Conversely, thin hair that instead favors sun milks or biphasic solutions that shake and spray. If you live in very sunny areas, use the solar spray also in the city.


  1. Always rinse your hair after every swim in the sea


Rinsing your hair with fresh water after each bath is an essential step to remove the aggresive sea salt or chlorine from swimming pools from the hair fiber. At home use specific solar shampoos that eliminate any residue without rubbing: they usually bring moisture without greasing. For this reason they can be used every day with just one application.


  1. Choose a soothing shampoo with sunscreens


For cleansing, use a specially designed shampoo with latest generation sunscreens that protect against UVA and UVB rays, allowing you to rehydrate the hair in depth and protect it during the day after sun exposure.


4. Avoid damaging your hair with straighteners, irons or hair dryers

 The hair in summer is more fragile and delicate than in other seasons. It avoids further stressing it by stretching the hair with the plate, making too many folds with the hair dryer or curling them with iron. The heat of these materials could weaken the structure of the stem to such an extent that it would break it. And then the beach waves style natural hairstyles are so fashionable ...! 

5. Let the hair dry naturally 

A real cure for your hair? Allow the hair to dry naturally, en plein air! A tactic really recommended as it does not stress them and for wavy hair the frizz will be exponentially decreased and the curls clearly more defined. Also, it's hot to lock yourself in the bathroom with the hair dryer, don't you think? 

6. Do not change color before leaving for the holidays 

If a sudden urge to sharply change hair color has taken over, stop and think. It is definitely not recommended to do it just before leaving for the summer holidays as this procedure takes time to ensure that the hair regains vitality and, above all, to prevent the color from fading to the bleaching power of the sun. In summary: if you want to get red, know that there is a risk of going home orange!


7. Nourish your hair with a restructuring mask Remember to nourish the sun-sensitized hair and salt air at least once a week by applying a reconstituting mask. Leave it on all lengths for at least 10 minutes, and then rinse. As for the skin, even your hair needs hydration and to help the effectiveness of masks and products, and there is nothing like water and a good diet rich in fruit and vegetables that is able to nourish the hair from the inside.

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