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Benefits of purple shampoo

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Benefits of purple shampoo - Aashi Beauty

How many times have you heard of the infamous purple shampoos? Lately a real boom seems to have exploded and many brands have put their colored shampoo on the market! But do you know what this type of product is for? It is a particular type of shampoo that has very specific characteristics and, as you mistakenly think, it is not used to dye the hair! So are you curious to find out all this and much more? If the answer is yes, then you just need to continue reading the post


WHAT IS THE PURPLE SHAMPOO? It is a product indicated primarily for blond or very light or gray hair with straw-colored reflections or lightened hair. The function is essentially to eliminate the yellow and the reflections that make the hair appear almost "fake". In this sense the purple pigments help revive the color and not dye the strands.  At the same time they are products suitable for dry and brittle hair since they also have a moisturizing and illuminating power that should help moisturize the hair giving it a healthier appearance and cared for by the vibrant and vibrant color.


FOR WHAT REASON THE HAIR BECOME YELLOW When very light or gray hair tends to turn yellow it means that they are losing their natural color, or they have started discharging the color you have applied and tend to become duller and duller, losing their original luster. Which often happens because the yellow pigments on bleached or white hair always tend to change the starting color over time, especially when you overdo it with the use of hair dryers, plates and curling irons! To neutralize the straw yellow, therefore, there are some specific products with intense pigments, such as in the case of purple or blue shampoos and conditioners which, however, do not release the color on the hair but only enliven its intensity.


HOW DO YOU USE AND HOW IT WORKS? ITS BENEFITS It is used as a normal shampoo, therefore applying it homogeneously over the entire wet crown with plenty of water, as the best hair-stylists teach and massaging it with care, especially insisting on lengths and ends that are usually affected by chemical treatments and frequent dyes. The only care you need to pay attention to is to rinse your hands well, since blue pigments may dye the skin and leave residues, or if you notice that the color is so intense, use gloves!


Purple as the complementary color wheel also teaches us neutralizes the yellow, which is why we use for example the purple concealers to counteract the pallor of the face, or vice versa the orange to say goodbye to purple or bluish dark circles!  So if after some time your wonderful platinum blonde or honey that you liked so much, starts to take on a color that tends to yellowish or even carrot-colored, the purple anti-yellowing shampoo, is the product that we recommend. Obviously this is not a beauty salon makeover, but you will see that it will improve the situation a lot. If, however, you have platinum blonde or light gray hair and the color is not really altered, but they are just a bit dull and of a lackluster color, do not use these types of shampoo frequently, because it could transform the starting platinum color into a "granny gray" and creating the reverse effect. Therefore limit their use once a week and alternate with your normal hair care shampoos.


Some professionals advise to try these products first on a single strand on the nape and then, only after having seen the result, also on the whole hair. This is because the effectiveness of the purple pigments found in these products depends mainly on the porosity of the hair, which obviously varies from person to person. If your hair is very light and porous it may absorb too much color and the power of the purple shampoo may intensify, leaving you with some colored reflexes that may please and not please. So always pay attention!

Some of the best, yet affordable purple shampoo you can purchase is below:

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