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How to use hair serum

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How to use hair serum - Aashi Beauty

How to use hair serum


The hair serum, like the facial serum, offers a very high concentration of active ingredients that are excellent for repairing damaged hair, hydrating them from the inside and making them appear healthy, soft and beautiful. It is also indicated to give the desired shape to the hairstyle and prevent frizz on the hair once we leave the house. While guaranteeing all these benefits, it is important to know how to apply them correctly so that the results are as expected. Would you like to try it? Don't miss the advice in this article about how to use hair serum.


What is a hair serum?

The hair serum is a cosmetic with an aqueous base which, unlike other hair beauty products, contains a large concentration of active ingredients, which makes it a more effective treatment for repairing seriously damaged, bleached, treated hair .


Steps to follow: 1. You can find different types of hair serum on the market, so you'll have to choose the one that offers you the formula you want. They exist with a smoothing effect, repairer of broken tips, protective, etc., but all will provide hydration and an extra brightness to your hair, therefore their use is ideal to enhance the beauty of your hair. 2. The hair serum is a slightly oily base that can appear either in liquid or a little creamier. Whatever the form you choose, it is advisable not to exceed in its application since the result could be a hair that is too fat or heavy. 3. How to apply hair serum? There are two possible ways to apply this product. The first is on wet hair, immediately after washing, which would be the most indicated to take advantage of all the moisturizing and repairing properties of the capillary serum. All you have to do is apply a few drops of serum to your fingertips, rub them together and apply them to hair from half-length to ends. Try to distribute it very well using your fingers as if they were a comb, so it will penetrate better into the hair fiber. Then, dry and comb your hair as usual.


The other possibility is to use the hair serum on dry hair at the end of the hairstyle. This will help you regulate unruly hair, avoid frizz and make the tips softer and more beautiful. Put a small amount of serum on the fingers and apply it on the locks that you want to shape, but always on the tips to prevent the rest of the hair from acquiring an oily appearance.  5.The use of hair serum is very useful especially for women who have dry or dehydrated hair, and who also need some protection against the heat generated by hair dryers and irons. Start using this product and you will notice how your hair looks much healthier and beautiful in just a few days.


Use hair serum committing to its application and you will have more beautiful and healthier hair for longer!

Here is some popular hair serums!


If you have drug store budget, try:


For thick hair types


If you want silky straight hair,

Paul Mitchell

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