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Classic Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Posted by Thea Marinas on
Classic Ceramic Flat Iron Review - Aashi Beauty

Aashi Beauty offers high quality and affordable hair extensions & innovative styling tools! Besides working with various talented influencers all over the world, we also collaborate with numerous hair and makeup artists locally and internationally.

COVID really took a toll on special events last year but summer of 2021 really paved the way for South Indian couples to celebrate their love for each other. Sophisticated and detail oriented weddings are lots of fun to attend to but arranging it is a different story.

How do you put an event like this together?

Plan Events is the largest database of Indian wedding vendors in Canada. They have been revolutionizing the Indian wedding industry by enabling couples and vendors to discover one another, through user-reviews, vendor recommendations, and more. 

They offer a wide selection of Hall Rentals, DJ's, Wedding Decor, Mehndi Artists, Hair & Makeup, Photos, Wedding Clothing and many more! Through their extensive selection of artists and venues, you can select the one that fits your standards by reading through the reviews from past clients. 

Simply put, Plan Events make it easier for you to plan the wedding of your dreams. Visit their website for any inquiries you have! 

Recently, PlanEvents did a review on our best-selling Ceramic Flat Iron! This is what they had to say about our amazing hair tool.

Indian Wedding
It's Easy.
" Using the product is pretty easy because of how well it is designed. With just a few button presses, you can start straightening your hair."
Temperature Control.
" You can control the exact temperature of the straightener, which I found to be a great bonus. The temperature range of the product is 265 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. I especially love the digital temperature display, as seen in the picture to the right!"
Great for Travel!
" While I don’t know the exact weight of the product, it felt light. Additionally, the cord seems long, which is great for when you’re in a hotel or home that may not have electrical outlets easily available. Therefore, it seems like it would be a convenient product to travel with."
Ceramic Flat Iron
As a brand, we truly care about the integrity of each tool and product we sell. We want to make sure that each tool serves its purpose while making your special day less stressful and make the process more enjoyable. 
For any wedding planning that you need, head to for all your wedding inquiries. 

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