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1 Tool with Endless Hair Styles, 38mm Clamp Curls, 32mm Barrel, 25mm Barrel Styles

Posted by Thea Marinas on
1 Tool with Endless Hair Styles, 38mm Clamp Curls, 32mm Barrel, 25mm Barrel Styles - Aashi Beauty

Through the years we have had a loyal following for our Multi-Functional Curler. Can you blame them for loving it so much? It's the perfect tool for someone who LOVES to curl their hair but at the same time, switching up the looks of the curls gives a different umph to each look.

For the past few months, we have been diving into a special and exciting project that will be a part of our most loved tools. We'll let you in on one of the key parts of this secret that we have: BARRELS.

Our Multi-Functional Curler is unique due to the sense that with one wand, you have 5 different options of which type of barrel you want to use. 5 different results. 5 different hair looks. This is great for travelling for special events or just any type of occasion, honestly.

We have launched our new Aashi Adaptable Collection! Catering to all clamp/wand thick/thin hair angels! 

So, let's dive into these barrels shall we?

25mm Barrel

A 25mm barrel will give you the same effect as what we call the Victoria's Secret Angel curls. VS models are known to have medium sized, flowy curls. This barrel will be the perfect size to recreate model-like curls.

32mm Barrel

A 32mm barrel will give you softer beach waves that lasts. If you want something that a bit more looser and natural than what the 25mm barrel gives, THIS is the barrel for you. Pro tip, brush out the curls for a looser wave.

38mm Barrel

A 38mm barrel will create bouncy and looser curls. This barrel will give the most effortless looking waves, but don't be fooled with the look because a great tool will keep these natural looking curls for days.

Titanium perfection: View all barrels / styles here:

So this is just a sneak peek of what we have been keeping a secret for awhile now. This is only one part of it and the rest of the news will be coming soon! Don't take our word for it. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first one to know!

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