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How to make the perfect classic braid

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How to make the perfect classic braid - Aashi Beauty

How to make the perfect classic braid 

The braid is one of the hairstyles most loved by women: it can be traditional, French, for those who want to be more romantic, or something more sporty. Not only that, we can make a braid that is even more special and trendy. Let's see how!

Having perfect hair is important for every woman: whether they are straight or curly they must be healthy, shiny and always in place. The braid is a very feminine hairstyle that allows us to keep them in order even when they are not perfectly clean, an evergreen that never sets and can be an excellent alternative to ponytails (or pony tail), but definitely more versatile . There are indeed many that we can achieve: classic, French, fishtail braid but, how to make a braid to the hair? Let's find out how to make it step by step, choosing the one that best suits our needs and our personal tastes.


How to make the perfect homemade braid  

To make a braid it is necessary to have medium-long hair or that reaches at least up to the shoulders. In this way we can gather the strands well to weave them perfectly. It is important then to comb your hair well to make it as smooth as possible and eliminate all knots. There are various ways to make a "homemade" braid in order to adapt it to our style or the type of clothing, just a little manual work is needed to create a chic and trendy braid. Let's see how to do it by following all the steps.

Here's what you need to make a hair braid:

- Hairbrush or comb; If you need a Tangle Teezer you can find many online to brush your hair and let them tangle free for longer! Sephora has a great selection of Tangle Teezer. Take a look and find yours!

-Elastic bands (of the size suitable for the braid you need to make);
-A mirror, to check all the steps

Classic braid

Let's see how to make the traditional three-strand hair braid quickly and easily.

· Brush your hair well and, in front of the mirror, decide where to make the braid, if on the side or in the center;

· Now collect the hair at the base of the head and divide it into three sections;

· Hold the two outer sections firmly, one with the right hand and the other with the left hand, leaving the central lock clear;

· Now pass the right over the power plant, and then move the power plant to the right;

·  Now take the left lock and intertwine it with the central one;

·  Repeat the process on the right and left until the hair is braided across its entire length;

·  Finally tie the end with a rubber band.

You can decide to make the classic braid that is tighter or softer depending on the type of hair or the situation.

To make a fast and particular lateral braid, it will be enough to tie on each side of the head a strand of hair with an elastic, then knot the strands together thus forming a sort of crown around the head with the rest of the hair that will be supported on the side : you will soon have an elegant hairstyle.

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