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How to Travel with Hair Tools

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How to Travel with Hair Tools - Aashi Beauty
As the world continues to open up, so does our desire to travel! Hair is an important part of our overall look, especially when travelling. With photos and videos constantly being taken, there is no guilt in admitting you want to look good! After all, I know I can’t be the only one that decides not to post a photo due to my hair. (Right?!)

There is so much to consider when travelling. From voltages to adaptors, to what hair tools you can fly with, and the most important, how to pack efficiently while ensuring nothing gets damaged. The good news is, you are able to take most hair tools in your checked luggage or carry on. The bad news is, depending on the countries you’re travelling to, the voltage can be different, resulting in needing an adaptor. Let’s do a deep dive on understanding what to consider when travelling with hair tools.

What is Voltage and why does it matter?

Prior to packing your hair tools, it’s important to know what voltage your tools are, and what the voltage is for where you’re travelling to. If you didn’t know, voltage is attributed to electricity, and various countries have different electricity than others. Aka, different countries have different plugs and outlets, with different shapes that have different electrical bandwidths. It’s imperative to know what voltage your hair tool is, because, if it doesn’t have the same frequency as the country you’re visiting, it could fuse, smoke and damage both your hair tool and the outlet. 


Typically, if your hair tools have dual voltage it’s safe to use in a wide variety of countries, however, you may still need an adaptor. Below is a chart of a few countries and the voltages they have. Please note that this is a generic overview, and we highly recommend you to do further research to find the exact voltage for the city and country you are visiting. 







Central America

South America 

Some Caribbean cities 

Some Asian countries 




New Zealand

Some Asian countries


If you are concerned about damaging your hair tools, it may be a good idea to have two sets you can use. One set can be for your daily use in your home city, and one set can be specifically for travelling. Alternatively, you could also purchase hair tools from the country you’re visiting to take away the hassle of using adapters and converters. 


Adapters and Converters

If you are travelling to a country that has different voltages you may need to use an adapter or converter. Many say you can use these two contraptions interchangeably, but they serve different purposes.

Adapters are small plugs that allow you to plug your device into the electrical outlet, if they have a different shape. This way, the electricity flows through the adapter, allowing you to use your tools. 

Converts are used to change the electrical voltage to a different one. 

To sum it up, adapters make your device fit into the plug outlet, while the converter changes the electrical power that goes into it. 

PS - majority of our hair tools have dual voltage and are safe to use world wide. You may need an adaptor for certain countries. And the good news is we sell adapters for the  UK  &  Australia!  We got you covered, beautiful! So, say hello to all the good hair days for your trip! 


Worldwide plug and outlet conversionsSource: Reddit & Google Images

Can I fly with hair tools?

Unsure if you can fly with hair tools or what the protocol is? We got you covered! For reference, we’re located in Canada and will be referring to the  CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority)  and  TSA (Transportation Security Administration - USA).  Both administrations state that you can fly with any hair tool that has a cord. There are a few restrictions for cordless hair tools that we will get into shortly.

According to both the  CATSA  and  TSA  website, here is a list of hair tools that are allowed and safe to fly with in both your checked luggage and carry on luggage: 
  • Blow Dryers
  • Flat Irons
  • Curling Irons (wands and clamps)
  • Blowout Brushes 
  • Hot Rollers 

* Please note, although both administrations state you can fly with these hair tools, there are still chances you could run into problems. It will be up to the discretion of the agent if hair tools are considered hazards or dangerous.*

Hair tools NOT allowed in checked luggage:

  • Cordless hair tools that contain a gas cartridge and butane fueled curling irons & hair straighteners 

Hair products that can be taken away:

  • Metal rat tail combs are considered hazards and dangerous due to the sharp tip at the end. It’s recommended that you store hair products like this in your checked luggage. 

How do I pack my hair tools when travelling?

Hair tools come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be compact and some can be big and bulky. Before you begin packing your hair tools, ask yourself the following questions:

    • How long is your trip and how often do you need to wash & style your hair?
    • Realistically what types of hairstyles do you anticipate doing on the trip?
    • How much time will you have to style your hair?
    • What is your current hair styling routine and how many products and tools do you need?
    • Can you condense your styling routine?
    • What are your non-negotiables for hair styling? (What can’t you live without?) 

Depending on where you’re staying during your trip, you could check with them if they have a blow dryer. Most hotels and Airbnb’s do offer blow dryers for you to use during your stay. Keep in mind, they can be different than the one you are currently using which could impact your hair drying time, and overall finish.  
Now that you’ve done an audit of your hair styling needs and wants, you will have a better idea of what you can take. Hair tools can be fragile, and could be easily damaged if it’s compacted in a tight space with heavy objects near it. We recommend packing your hair tools in your carry on, or wrapped in a towel within your checked luggage. Alternatively, you could use dust bags to store your hair tools for easy storage and organization! Not sure where to buy them? Lucky for you, we sell beautiful pink silky dust bags.  Be sure to check them out here

Pro tip - take a  silicone heat resistance mat  with you to protect the counter space. The last thing you need on vacation is the stress of your hot hair tools damaging the counters/surfaces. 

Professional Silicone Heat Resistant Styling Mat


And there you have it friends! How to travel with hair tools 101, the basics of what and why voltages matter, adaptors and converts, what hair tools you can fly with, and how to pack efficiently for your trip. When planning a trip anywhere, hair is still an important element of our getting ready routines. And, I’m sure I’m not the only one that loves to capture memories through photos and videos. Having styled polished hair can make a big difference in your overall mood and outfit, so, think carefully about what hair tools you can’t live without and pack accordingly!

Happy travels my friends, be safe and have SO much fun!

Team Aashi Beauty


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