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How to use a Hair Crimper - 5 trendy styles.

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How to use a Hair Crimper - 5 trendy styles. - Aashi Beauty

Different  hairstyles to try with a hair crimper!

The 80s are coming back, and they’re bringing back the voluminous crimped hair! This trendy look makes your hair appear thicker, sexier, and edgier. Whether styled in a bun or flying loose, your hair looks voluminous regardless. Crimped hair today isn’t the same as the ones that were trendy in the 80s. Although if you’re up for a unique look, you can choose for a bright neon color. However, subtle and blended colors are more popular today.


By adding a whole good level of volume to your hair, this process ensures that every strand stands out and adds a unique texture to your look.


How to Crimp Hair?


Do away with your dull everyday hair as you trade for this stunning retro look. Hair crimping is an easy way to jazz up a boring look when you want to feel extra! 80’s girls were ahead of the time as they knew to make your hair look fuller and cooler! In the 80s, people would braid their hair and leave it overnight. To recreate this, you can divide your hair into sections and then braid each section tightly. But it can serve to be an arm straining workout.


Apart from this, there are many products available in the market that will make your job extremely easy! If you’re looking for a product that will give you flawless voluminous hair, we highly recommend Aashi Beauty x Pink Orchid Studio Professional micro hair crimper. This product gives you a light texture, lifts and adds extra volume to your hair in one single crimp! This professional micro crimper distributes the heat equally, which brings out the best results creating beautiful bouncy textures and achieving any style of crimp.


Looking for some fun & playful hairstyles to try? We’ve combined a list for you!


1.   An Elegant Updo

Source: Maggie Hancock & Thehairsensei via Instagram


Crimped hair is often worn loose and free, but why limit yourself? Try a pretty up-do, experiment with braids and buns! Crimped hair adds an extra bounce to your up-do, which makes it stand out! Simple crimped hair looks edgy and bold, but trying these hairstyles will add a soft feminine touch to it. So if you have long hair and want to try something new, we highly recommend this!


2.   A partial updo with a modern twist!

Source: Tressstyles & Guy Tang on Instagram


This effortlessly youthful hairstyle will make you look great no matter what! A simple sweet look with a hint of edginess. You can experiment with various colors, textures, and sport a style that reflects you. The charm of this beautiful hairdo will make sure all the eyes turn to you.


3.   The timeless beach waves

Source: Ashley Chloe via Instagram


Loose curls and wavy hair have always been seen as popular. A hairstyle that makes you look carefree & gorgeous! Just spray some heat protector on your hair before jumping in the process. Create a beautiful zig-zag pattern on your curly hair. You can achieve the classic beach look with just the right amount of crimping! It is a cute hairstyle with a fresh summer look! Experiment with buns and braids to achieve the young fresh look!


4.   Take your ponytail game to another level!

Source: coconuttraderjewellery and Eduardo Ponce via Instagram


Sometimes simple is more than enough. Crimped hair thrown back into a ponytail is a classic! This quirky hairstyle is far from being ordinary and boring. Tease, twist, and add interesting patterns to your hair. Add your own touch to this 80s hairstyle.


There are a lot of ways you can spice up your look with crimped hair, and it makes sense why this trend from the 80s is something we can’t get over. There are so many hairstyles to experiment with and a lot of ways to attain them. You can also invest in a good crimping iron like this 1" micro crimper and achieve beautiful bouncy hair! Now the choice is yours, sport your hair the way you want!



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