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Stay Updated with these Beauty Trends And Ace them Post Lockdown

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Stay Updated with these Beauty Trends And Ace them Post Lockdown - Aashi Beauty

Days that start inside the house and end inside the house can be very monotonous but do they need to be like that? No. Now that you’re bored of watching shows, cooking, and playing games, you’re looking for some other distraction to focus on. So why not work for life after quarantine? Glow up for the time you’ll step outside.


If you don’t know where to start then we have a few trends that you can practice right now to slay them effortlessly post quarantine. These are the biggest makeup trends of Summer 2020. Are you ready to rock them?


1) Neon Eyes

Source: Oscar De La Renta


Vibrant neon shades are here to steal the show. Models at the Oscar de la Renta Spring show draped in gorgeous evening gowns made a statement with their bright and bold neon eye makeup. They proved that a neon look is diverse and versatile. It can look both elegant at a big event  and fun at a party by the poolside.


2. Glitter Glam!

Add a little sparkle in your life! Showing off a shimmery look this summer will leave people amazed! From glitter eyes, glitter cheeks to body glitter, don’t be shy about adding a little bling to your look.

Gigi Hadid rocked chunky glitter across her nose, looking bold and stunning. If you dare to try something more, make an impact with some glitter on your cheeks!

3. Floating Eyeliner 

Source: islaberlin

Everyday cat eyeliner is getting boring and it’s time to add a little dimension to it. Add a graphical touch to your eyes as you draw an extended car with your liner with an additional line across the crease. It’s not the same as a cut crease look as it’s minimal rather than blended. This is a perfect example of how minimalism is becoming a rising trend.

4. Watercolor lids

This trend became very popular because of its uniqueness. You can try to recreate this look by opting for contrasting shades to create a more graphic look rather than sticking to neutral shades of smokey eyes. Let your creativity flow as you unleash the artist within you.


5. Summer Blues

This mermaid-esque look will leave everyone stunned! This trend from the 80s is back and people are loving it! It has taken over the red carpet and your Instagram feed.
Pantone announced Classic Blue to be the Color Of The Year 2020. This bold shade adds a touch of elegance to your ordinary smoky eye, making it look extraordinary. The shade of blue which is similar to that of the sky at dusk invokes a feeling of calmness.

Which of these trends are you ready to rock post-lockdown?

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