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How to wash your hair extensions?

Posted by AASHI BEAUTY on
How to wash your hair extensions? - Aashi Beauty

 How to wash your hair extensions?

Once you get your luxurious hair extensions, you will have to give up some of the old habits and shampoos. Don't worry, your relationship with your hair is going to improve.

  But without the necessary care, their satiny, smooth, and exquisite look won't be maintained long enough. Your hair extensions with proper safekeeping will survive for months and will not lose their luscious and lustrous nature. Wash them like your own hair.

Hair needs to be washed religiously because of the natural oil generated in the scalp. But Remy hair extensions are devoid of this oil, and hence, regular washing is not required.

 It can be asserted that the lesser you rinse and clean them, the longer they survive.

Here are some steps you should follow when you wash your extensions-

1.   Brushing  -                                                                                                            

Brushing before getting your hair wet is a good practice. It removes the possibility of tangling and knotting of hair.

 Start brushing them gently from the bottom and steadily head towards roots so that all the knots are resolved from the bottom. Fixing knots will minimize pressure on roots, which will now stay healthy.

2.   Temperature   -                                                                  

    The water should be lukewarm, neither too cold nor hot. Mix some recommended amount of shampoo in the water. Mix it well so that shampoo is evenly dissolved.

Sulfate-free and alcohol-free shampoos are preferred for preserving the extension's color.                                         

3.   Shampooing   -                                                                              

Since your extensions don't require washing, you can give them a dry rinse. Applying sulfate and alcohol-free conditioners before and after washing preserve it's shining and keeps it lustrous as silk.

Wash each weft one by one to prevent tangling and ensuring their proper wash. Don't rub or stroke them vigorously but gently rinse in water plus shampoo solution.

4.   Conditioning   -                                                               

Massage conditioner gently in each weft after shampooing them. Apply a reasonable quantity of conditioner from top to bottom and gently rinse them after giving it the rest of about five to ten minutes.

Do not put conditioner directly on your roots. It is advised the longer you allow it to rest, the silkier the strands of the extension will appear.

5.   Deep conditioning    -                                                          

    To keep the strands of your hair extension well moisturized and hydrated, leave your extensions in the shower cap overnight with the hair mask applied.

6.   Rinsing once more   -                                                        

  Rinse the extensions once again the next day so that there is no conditioner deposit left on the hair. If there is some left, the hair will seem and feel oily and greasy when dried.

 In this wash, one should prefer cold water as it shuts the cuticle of the hair, sealing the moisture.

7.   Drying the hair extensions     -                                                 

 For drying, purposes prefer air dryers rather than towels, which causes wefts to tangle. In towels, microfiber towels are most desirable because it absorbs water adequately. You can lay them flat on the towel and gently pat.

 Previous to blow-drying heat-protective spray should be sprayed to prevent dryness and boost their lifespan.

8.   Combing    -                                                                            

  Brushing hair when they are wet- in the fragile state is not favored, but combing them to dry straight can be an exceptional case. Wide toothed combs must be used not to weaken the roots.


To achieve that desired enchanting and pulchritudinous hair look and feel using extensions is easy and economical but requires a little more than usual attention. But in the end, you will feel it's worth it.







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