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Who is the ASPCA? And Where do our donations go to?

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Who is the ASPCA? And Where do our donations go to? - Aashi Beauty

 Who is the ASPCA? And Where do our donations go to?

The relationship of humans with their pets has evolved with time.  They are more than pets; they are companions and friends. People in some towns demand that their pets must have their bill of rights.


ASPCA stands for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a non-profit organization established in 1866 in New York which has come up with a well planned and logical means for the prevention of atrocities on animals everywhere in the United States.


Like it is said millions of drops make an ocean, hence each drop counts. Similarly, numerous contributions are made to this organization. We are proud to state that Aashi beauty donates to the ASPCA from every sale we make! And not only that, we have rehomed over 60 animals.



Founded by Henry Bergh, this organization end eavored for ending cruelty carried out on livestock. They aspired to improve the conditions of slaughterhouses and avail treatments for horses.


After achieving their initial goals, they aimed to make the life of pets- cats and dogs better.  It still highlights one of its first arguments -cockfighting issues and stands against horse euthanasia.


There are countless competitors of ASPCA like The Human Society Of the United States, and one might wonder what makes it unique. Human Society Of The United States's main agenda revolves around wildlife protection while ASPCA works to protect companion animals.


Services provided

ASPCA leaves no stone unturned while helping the pet owners through hotline services. Animal hospitals and adoption centers offer comfort and ensure well being of your beloved pet. You can report complaints again animal cruelty, and ASPCA will investigate.


  1. Their Poison Control Hotline grants help by acknowledging the pet owners of the human medications, human foods, or plants that might be poisonous for your pooch.


  1. Grief Counselling Hotline will assist you in coping up with the pain and agony of losing your furry friend.
  2. There is Training And Behavioral Help also, provided by certified trainers. The common challenges faced by the pet parents are when your pet- chews, barks/meows too much, scratches, escapes, etc.


What is better than seven million stray animals getting adopted by pet lovers? They find food, shelter, and love. ASPCA assists you in connecting you with your nearest local pet shelter.


 It also guides which pet and what breed will fit your requirements.  After adopting a pet, ASPCA counsels you about the importance of contributing both money and time on your pooch.



 Vet care rates are rising, and affording the best care for your pet, ASPCA provides pet insurance. Less than 6% of citizens have pet insurance, and ASPCA endeavors to raise awareness about those mentioned above. You can select a plan which satiates you and your pooch's demands.

Not a pooch lover?

It is not necessary to be a pet-parent for being this persevering and enthusiastic organization's part. The organization accepts donations. Or you can volunteer for contributing to any of the productive projects.


 Join this organization and serve nature's most faithful creation by providing them a happy life full of love, care, and protection.

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