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Seasonal hair loss: how to deal with it?

Posted by Aashi Beauty Admin on
Seasonal hair loss: how to deal with it? - Aashi Beauty

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling and ... the hair! Horror!!

It often happens, during the change of autumn season, to find a lot of hair on the brush after combing it, or on the clothes, creating an unsightly effect.

There is no need to worry too much, because this hair loss is quite normal, even for those who care and pay attention. A healthy hair exchange allows more breathing to the skin and renewal; but if in normal situations the hair lost in one day is from 40 to about 100, it becomes excessive and noteworthy when the number rises from 100 to 200 hairs per day.


There are therefore extra cuddles that you can devote to your thick hair in the fall, to avoid an excessive fall and to ensure better health and beauty.


Here are the best hair loss treatments.


Skin massage Relaxing and stimulating at the same time, a nice head massage is also good for the hair. Do you know what they often do to you during shampooing in beauty salons? Here, even if dry, if done every day, it is a piece of cake.Massage the whole head, from the nape back towards the top to finish on the temples and on the forehead. Stimulate gently but firmly with your fingertips every inch, making circular motions.Result: In this way the blood circulation is stimulated, the exfoliation of the skin and the hair acquire health and shine, consequently they do not fall.


Aromatherapy for hair Your sense of smell this time will have to take second place, all the care is for your hair, even aromatherapy.Combine 6 drops of lavender essential oil and 6 drops of laurel essential oil to 100 ml of sweet almond oil, slightly warmed (or even coconut or sesame oil). Massage the mixture onto the skin of the entire head and allow it to absorb for about 15 minutes, then proceed with washing, adding 3 drops of laurel essential oil to a mild shampoo.Result: perfumed hair, soft and resistant to falling.


Eye to the water Sometimes the tap water, although it is absolutely drinkable, can be very calcareous or contain excessive chlorine. To avoid stressing the hair with aggressive washes, you can boil a large pot with tap water, so as to evaporate those heavy substances, and use it both for shampoo and for rinsing or, to prevent gray hair, used as a last rinse of the water where you have boiled some potato skins.Result: Less stressed and lighter hair, stronger and more resistant.


Healthy habits are a must

The bulk of the hair care benefits you can definitely do at the table, feeding yourself well with fruits and vegetables (carrots, broccoli, spinach, millet and tomatoes) as and going to supplement foods particularly useful for the well-being of the hair, or dried fruit like hazelnuts, almonds etc .. are essential for mineral salts, but being very caloric, do not overdo the quantities, 3- 4 hazelnuts (or other dried fruit) will be fine per day. Introducing even more proteins, better if from legumes. Drinking plenty of water a day (2 liters) is essential and drinking some energy drinks containing taurine can help you without having to buy expensive supplements at the pharmacy. Even sipping green tea (antioxidant) and specially prepared herbal teas can be of great help.

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