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Must have Fall hairstyles

Posted by Aashi Beauty Admin on
Must have Fall hairstyles - Aashi Beauty

Fall hair looks for a beautiful eye-catching style


Gazing at the hair of the fashion to come, autumn 2019 offers us different moments for easy and more particular hairstyles to love and from which to take inspiration. The New York Fashion Week is the first, in chronological order, to give us ideas on how to style long, medium hair and short cuts in the name of coolness and street style, without giving up the ease. In fact, to replicate these 6 trendy hairstyles, you won't need to watch any tutorials on how to do simple hairstyles. The hair of Manhattan & co. Trendsetters, rather, invite you to experiment in all simplicity with the maxi elastic, the braids (even fake ones!) And the accessories. So give free rein to your imagination and creativity and get ready to embrace the easy to do (and trendy!) fall hair looks for 2019.


Chignon with clips

 The simple hairstyle for autumn 2019 that we are seeing everywhere in the NYC street style is created with a surprising mix of ease and coolness: chignon on the nape and small springs that keep long, medium or short hair in order and speak for you. Choose the message you like best and the color combination of the pins to create a simple and trendy hairstyle.


Maxi elastics for many hairstyles

We clear once and for all the 2019 autumn hair trend: scrunchies and maxi elastics will really be everywhere and New York street style does not hold back when it comes to experimentation. Go ahead for particular hairstyles with voluminous and soft elastics, in velvet or silk to enrich even a simple hairstyle like the messy bun.


A different type of braid

Do you dream of a hairstyle with a particular braid but don't you feel too confident in doing it? Easy, inspiration from NYFW helps you with that too. Create a ponytail in mid-head and stop the hair at intervals of 3 centimeters with elastic bands of different colors. He then creates camber with the hair between one rubber band and another and fix them with lacquer. Yes, this is perfect for long hair combing, but if you're in love with it and have a short cut, you can always opt for an extension tail!


Headbands season

Short haircut? Perfect. Medium hair? It’s fine. Long hair? Magnificent. What are we talking about? The maxi velvet headband, a real must among the hair accessories of the autumn 2019. Better to stock up because they will be the protagonists (also) of the hair trends of winter 2019. Clips everywhere for a 90s look Do you remember the small clips you found as gifts in the 2000s magazines? They are back in charge and are ready to conquer all - but really all - your hair in this autumn 2019 that rewards daring hairstyles. You don't need a tutorial for simple hairstyles because to create this hairstyle the mantra is only one: give vent to imagination and the more, the merrier.

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