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The MUST Have Hair Accessories this Summer!

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The MUST Have Hair Accessories this Summer! - Aashi Beauty

Must try these Hair Accessories!

Boring hair is not worth it and the time to glam up your hair is here! Hair accessories are becoming popular! Scrunchies are back! Oversized Headbands are the new hot thing in the town. Pearl on pearl? We adore it!


2020 is the year headbands, scrunchies and pins make a comeback. Hair trends change fast but it seems like we will be welcoming some dynamic designs in the world of hair.


Check out these hair accessories you can use to glam up your everyday look as you add a quirky touch to it.


1.   Oversized Headbands

SOURCE: eternallyinamber



From Gossip Girl to our Instagram feed, Headbands are everywhere. They slowly and gradually become a popular trend because of their dynamic nature. Loaded with embellishments, with different textures, colors, and prints, jumbo headbands can make your look go from bland to unique real quick.


2.   Minimal Pins

SOURCE: mykitsch

Bad hair days are now in the past as you can style your hair with a touch of bling. You don’t have to spend hours trying to get them to be in a particular shape. Keep it classy as you try on these must-have clips this season. Although they look plain, they make a bold statement.


3.   Bright Barrettes



If you were a child of the ’90s, there’s a decent chance that you’ve worn these tiny clips at some point during your childhood. Now decades later, it’s making a comeback and it looks better than ever. Barrettes add a boost of vibrant color to your hair. It adds a perfect finishing touch to your outfit. They’re perfect for both work and casual looks, depending upon the style you choose.


4.   Scrunchies

SOURCE: kayleymelissa

The days of trying to find a hair tie that matches your strands are long gone. Now it’s all about making a statement with a signature hair tie that will highlight your outfit. After years of being uncool, scrunchies are back and in this, even in velvet!


5.   Pretty Pearls


SOURCE: polishedstylejustine



Pearl clips are simple, elegant and super chic! They immediately dress you up but they don’t feel too fancy, like a string of pearls. They’re easy to wear and even easier to style in a variety of ways. For a more subtle look, you can just tuck one behind your ear. The best part? Many of them come in a set, which makes it super easy to experiment and mix and match.



So if you’re looking to sport refreshing accessories, now you know there are numerous ways to do so. From colorful and fun to embellished, chic accessories await for you to choose from and add to your closet this season. So what are you waiting for?

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